Deputy - Easy to use Time Tracking, Scheduling and Communication solution for any businesses in the Hospitality industry
Updated October 27, 2022

Deputy - Easy to use Time Tracking, Scheduling and Communication solution for any businesses in the Hospitality industry

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Overall Satisfaction with Deputy

I am working in an accounting firm and Palisade is one of our clients. Deputy is not directly used by our firm but by Palisade Hotel. I introduced and implemented Deputy to Palisade Hotel 4-5 years ago and since then Hotel start managing their staff very effectively and managers are top of the employees' timesheet and rostered hours. We can now, track their time very easy, estimate future weeks salary cost and prepare very accurate payroll reports.
  • Timesheets.
  • Time tracking.
  • Integration with accounting system.
  • Integration with awards.
  • Tasks.
  • Project or job management.
  • Accurate Timesheets (cost savings) - after we implemented Deputy, we realized it's across close to 50 employees. We started saving at least 10% to 15% of total hours as employees were clocking early and later previously and we did not have a security measures like Deputy. This is close to $200-$250 savings across the whole payroll per month.
  • Time Saving - with the payroll implementation, we increased the efficiency of the payroll. It used to take almost half a day to prepare the payroll but now, it takes only few hours including final confirmation with multiple managers.
  • Improved Accuracy - it helped us to run much accurate and smoother payroll and time sheeting as it is all approved and it is very transparent by the employee. There is no question when it comes to the finalization of the reports.
  • (Tanda)
Deputy's UI was much better than Tanda. We also loved the Award Integration of Deputy compared to Tanda. Xero integration is another plus for Deputy because Tanda's integration was slower and it did not push all necessary information. Integration was easier with Deputy. From manager's point of view, it was also better to dissect employees by groups, locations and visually made it better to manage all in Deputy.

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Deputy is super easy to use, very simple platform. I did not have any employees having hard time to use Deputy both Kiosk features or mobile application, even less computer savvy staff was able to use Deputy without any trouble. Managers also can easily track actual hours against roasted hours and it makes a quick decision if hours should be approved or not. In terms of integration to accounting system, it is also very fast and easy, data is very accurate and it gives me full confidence for the payroll information.
I have implemented Deputy by myself with my team and it was very straightforward and easy process. There are so many supporting documents and articles to start with. I highly recommend to read and go through all these documents first and Deputy also provides some checklists, stages so you know what to expect. Once you have the list, go through the team structure and make sure you address every issue. I also recommend to talk to Deputy account manager as there could be some other solutions around the certain issues.
It is well suited for Hospitality with high number of casuals, part timers, and employees. Deputy kiosk makes it very easy for employees to clock in and out and prevents buddy punching. They can straight see their rostered hours and it makes it very easy for managers to review and approve timesheet at the end of the day. It is all on the cloud, fast and easy. When you are dealing with high number of employees and mostly on hourly base, things can get out of hand and Deputy makes it very easy to keep track of everyone's status. I think Deputy would not suit well for the businesses where most employees are full timers and tracking hours of each employee are not very critical.

Using Deputy

50 - They are mostly casuals and part timers and staff working in the restaurant and hotels.
2 - we are an accounting firm so we helped our clients to implement Deputy if we think it will be a good solution for the client. We have few employees who knows how to use and manage Deputy and time to time, we hold our client's hand to help in support.
  • High number of employees.
  • Mostly casual and part timers.
  • Hospitality industry.
  • We were able to give very clear and easy visibility to our clients to predict future weeks cost savings.
  • Better use of Task and Communication and use of newsletters
Deputy is very easy to use and implement and staff is very happy to continue using it.

Evaluating Deputy and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Main reason was the features of Deputy. It allowed all employees to clock in and out very fast and accurate.
Process was very straightforward and easy. Once we reviewed the features and considering how much time we saved and increase in accuracy of scheduling and time sheeting of employees, it was a great decision.