Meets all Political Event Needs
April 08, 2021

Meets all Political Event Needs

Richard Chen | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Eventbrite

We're a PAC (political action committee) which hosts events for our own fundraising, candidates' outreach, and raising political participation among AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders). We've a need of open enrollment for all manner of attendees and complex guestlist administration since some / most are repeats, some are new (Young Professionals we want), some are special guests (require data confidentiality), and some are staff (sponsored or fee-free or other) with need to edit, filter, and sort the lists ongoing for trolls, vandals, special access, special notations, accommodations, etc. Eventbrite has long had the most widely known and liked UI/service for event enrollment requiring no special skills or knowledge but moreover simple, elegant, and fast UI thus better for ourselves and guests alike thus improving our branding and registration rates.
  • Simple, elegant, clean UI
  • Guest list admin is everything we want without excess, cruft
  • System is cloud based thus requires no excess integration, admin beyond a login, link
  • Affordable rates for top of class workflow
  • Universally known, no friction or fear generated
  • Branding is custom and sufficient to balance ours and Eventbrite's
  • Complex guestlist sort features to give more fine priority
  • Recognization of VIP registrants
  • Host and user profiles so records can be touted if desired
  • Discounts for nonprofits and charitable organizations
  • Integrations preferably without Zapier
  • Explicit related, recommended event controls
  • Public open registration
  • Confidence-inspiring attribution to our org even when EventBrite hosted, branded
  • Email notifications finely configurable
  • All events for years have flawless registration
  • Our supporters, attendees, staff, all report zero friction for event management
  • All payments transact properly, no need for customer service tickets
  • Branding, user management, budget demands are just enough for us to not be overwhelmed at the service levels
  • No injury to thru assisting our core brand and mission
Facebook Events are a de facto must-have but the registration is not included beyond a simple 3-way indicator (Interested, Going, Not Going) which only supplements but so many of our supporters, attendees, staff, etc. object to Facebook for various reasons (data haul, at-scale harm to democracy, fomenting hate for ad revenue, etc.) thus we can't vote to pay it any money or even data so we won't even manually duplicate events there anymore.

Do you think Eventbrite delivers good value for the price?


Are you happy with Eventbrite's feature set?


Did Eventbrite live up to sales and marketing promises?


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Mailchimp, WordPress, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)
We're a nonprofit organization so we have a very lean time, labor, and money so the super easy self-explanatory nature makes it easy for our team to admin an event. The simple UI [of Eventbrite] keeps our focus on the event and avoids any headache-inducing tech hurdles. There're just enough user roles to handle multi-staffer admin.

A less appropriate situation is an event that is huge in complexity with a custom workflow and processing which Eventbrite's not built to handle in-house such as multi-step registration, multiple item and category all-select options during registration, multi-event type (not just physical or ticket but virtual goods tracking), more HootSuite-like social media refinery, etc.

Using Eventbrite

3 - Media Director, Media Intern, Digital Media Lead
2 - Media Director, Digital Media Lead
  • Fundraising event for an endorsed candidate
  • Promotion event for a young professionals engagement event
  • Get out the vote events
  • Annual Event-wide Gala
  • Partner's events, namely one without significant tech platforms
  • See attendee history over years; fascinating patterns detected
  • Young Professionals particularly like the social nature of seeing each other
  • Multiple user allows us to run event construction across time zones and schedules
  • Historical record kept in their cloud allows us to change website vendors without losing, migrating event history; major victory
  • Data mine the historical record
  • Market to long-ago members who disengaged
  • Reach out to most loyal members about event development
  • Brand it thoroughly as to make it more akin to our digital experience
We have for all the aforementioned reasons in the review such widespread satisfaction across all user types with no viable competitor at this value that we continue renewal for the foreseeable future.

Evaluating Eventbrite and Competitors

Yes - Facebook Events for quite many years 2005-2015 was the obvious free event registration especially before Facebook's ongoing outings for its data mining, user abusing, violence fomenting, and evil tolerating scandals as to force our org, one based in progressive humanistic ideals, to distance ourselves. Furthermore, so many of our staff, attendees, and supporters left Facebook as to force a replatforming. We are however completely happy with the change which should've, would've occurred even were it not for the aforementioned scandals.
  • Product Usability
Its being self-explanatory for all staff who'd configure and load events, for all our attendees many of whom have neither time nor patience for a login-heavy site, and for supporters to see we're using donor dollars very efficiently and obviously are all requirements which our former Facebook Pages Managers for Events failed to meet.
We'd emphasize that more data analysis be done on the service thus a fancy system like NVGVan would do that, but its cost is 10 fold more and requires a bigger admin buy-in.

Eventbrite Implementation

Just jump in, don't over thinking it, doing it will net the very few basic questions you'll have. There's not much complexity so one doesn't need to plan as if moving a canal. It's as simple as can be.
Change management was minimal - It's event registration and management in its classic manner, so there's no change management since event data is overwritten upon change. Easy. No Git-like craziness or versioning messiness, we neither care nor want the such.
  • Simplifying our writing so it fits into the text field; less is more though
  • Which users to give which roles, but again less is more
  • Branding let-ups so we act within EventBrite boundaries; mostly convincing people the pages are official events

Eventbrite Support

Our only interaction with support was purchasing and onboarding since we've had no problems since then. Flawless, but limited insight.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
We did not as it doesn't exist.

Using Eventbrite

It's the classic Eventbrite experience. It's simple enough for even non-tech and tech-fearing folks. For registrants of all sorts, it's just enough: it does the job, it does it well, it does it without fail. For those seeking complexity, there're just enough advanced features on both ends, public user profiles to admin config.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Event configuration
  • Event viewing
  • Admin user roles
  • Registering new admins and new registrants
  • Multi-step event registration
  • Post-registration processing
  • Virtual goods checkout integration
Yes - It's as-expected: it works, it's responsive web.