Evernote Makes Your Notes, Documents, Photos, etc. Available Wherever You Are 24/7/365
April 04, 2014

Evernote Makes Your Notes, Documents, Photos, etc. Available Wherever You Are 24/7/365

Sid Haas | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Evernote is being used by individuals in our sales department. Some content is shared. Most is private to each user. Evernote is terrific at syncing meeting notes, project notes, literature, etc. across multiple devices and team members. Content is very easily edited/updated. The ability to organize notes into different notebooks and assign different tags to each note make notes extremely easy to find.
  • Sync notes across multiple platforms making them available to users at all times.
  • Organizing notes into different notebooks and further enabling you to tag notes for effortless searching.
  • Ability to make instant updates on all devices.
  • Ability to embed photos, pdfs and web site URLs directly into notes.
  • Difficult to move content within a note (ie re-arrange bullet points, etc.). Ideally bulleted and numbered lists could be re-arranged with drag and drop functionality. This is especially difficult to do currently on smartphones and tablets (much easier with a mouse).
  • Desktop client seems to need to be synced manually (or automatic syncs are much less frequent than mobile app syncs).
  • I like the web site "Clipper" utility but it doesn't always provide the desired result. It would be nice if it had an option to capture a screen shot of an area of a web page.
  • Increased employee efficiency. Provides ability to reference meeting notes from prior meetings or even different meetings that relate to one your are in.
  • Access to resources. Ability to instantly find the latest content. Update it continuously as needed. And have it available at your fingertips wherever you are.
  • Customer service. Having the resources available to answer questions accurately, etc. Take notes of client meetings and create action items that are then available on your desk when you return from the client's office.
  • OneNote,onenote
I find Evernote easier and more intuitive to use. It's free up to a point - but you can use it very effectively at no cost. Smaller installation - OneNote seems very large. Apps available on all devices. This may be true for OneNote now, but it wasn't in the past.
I rely on it now. I use it every day. I have not found a better tool to do what it does. So I will continue to use it.
Security is a concern. I do not put content into Evernote that is private/confidential as I am unaware of the security methods employed. Ideally, notebooks could be encrypted in storage and require a password or token when opening them.
The ability to share with team members is awesome. But do any capabilities exist to remove notes from a user's account if that individual is removed from a team?


Evernote is extremely easy and intuitive to use. Open it and start typing. Very little training is required to use even the advanced features.
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Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
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  • Organize notes to make them easy to find and retrieve.
  • Syncs notes across multiple devices/platforms for instant access.
  • Create new notes or modify existing ones very easily.
  • Re-organize content within a note.
Yes - Terrific. I've used Evernote on tablets and smartphones. They provide the same functionality as the desktop client. Data stays in sync across all devices.