How EverString has enriched our sales pipeline and filled in the gaps that others couldn't!
Updated September 02, 2020

How EverString has enriched our sales pipeline and filled in the gaps that others couldn't!

Fraser Murphy | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with EverString

We are currently using EverString to enrich accounts with our Salesforce integration. Our researchers use it to get segment, company, social media, contact, and industry information. It addresses our need to be able to determine whether or not a company would benefit from our software or not, as we look to help particular company segments. Additionally, our sales reps use it to be relevant and up-to-date when speaking with prospects.


  • It finds company and segment information well. This is a strength of EverString that is more consistent and up to date than the Clearbit extension we also use.
  • It finds extra contact information, such as phone numbers, that other extensions sometimes miss.
  • It saves us time when it comes to gathering "extra information," e.g. pulls a summary of what the company does, as well as its LinkedIn profile for a quick reference.


  • It sometimes pulls out of date information for the company -- possibly more due to the company itself not updating its information.
  • Phone numbers are sometimes inaccurate.
  • The extension sometimes crashes inside Salesforce.
At the time we were evaluating EverString I was still a senior SDR, so I was responsible for testing the products in a late phase. While we already had Clearbit at that point, we found it inconsistent in several areas, including the phone numbers it found, contact information not being up to date, and sometimes not even being able to find the company we were looking for. Hence we also chose EverString to support us. During the evaluation I carried out, it was impressive to see that the majority of companies EverString identified were either already our customers, or companies that matched our segment preference.
Yes-- the research team is not only able to find companies that are a fit for us, but they can also enrich accounts that we had previously identified. I was not directly involved in the training of the researchers, who use it the most, but for the SDRs, it is very simple to get them up to speed and make the most of it. Any time we had a problem it was easily fixed by searching online.
I would give it a solid 8/10. For companies that are either established or have been around for a long time, the information is accurate and up to date. The only problem that arises is, as previously mentioned, for smaller and quickly growing companies. We occasionally find the information to not be up to date. Other than that, we find it very helpful.
This is something I'm sure our researchers in the US use. However, it is my manager who communicates with them.
I believe EverString makes us more efficient on a daily basis. While I can't quantify this on a "per-rep basis," I can assert that it saves them time every day when going through accounts. The biggest difference for us is that in a week a researcher might have previously been able to find 30 accounts. With the time EverString saves, each researcher consistently pushes out 35-40 accounts per week.
In my role, anything that improves the number of accounts is great, but it's the quality that really makes the difference. Easily identifying companies that are a strong match for our product allows us to make the best use of the SDR's time by focusing them on companies that are more likely to buy.
This, of course, has had the nice knock-on effect that we have a greater number of opportunities and deals.
Well suited:
  • It's really good for our researchers when it comes to identifying companies that would possibly be a good fit for Workable.
  • It gives accurate information about the company for them to write mini reports for the SDRs to use.
  • SDRs prospecting time is massively reduced by having easily accessible information and social profile links.
Not so well suited:
  • More of a feeling -- if a company is new (less than 1-2 years) the information may not be up to date, especially if the company is growing quickly.

Data Quality and Ease of Use

I love the direct LinkedIn profile link. I used to use it every time I got a new account to quickly and efficiently gather information on the company and contact (recently in the team lead role, so it's not so active now).
I find the information to be up to date 90% of the time. The only times Everstring fails is where a contact has moved company recently, but I don't think that's something that is easily tracked! It also gives a nice snapshot of who the person is and what their role in the company is.

Update: Quality of data from Everstring is more consistently available for companies based in the US.
Everstring is really easy to use and navigate. It is also an intuitive system, so anything that initially obvious you can work it out pretty quickly.

-Nice home page
-Easy to use filters to build lists of companies
-Simple to search based on keywords
- Huge number of companies searched and made available to our SDRs quickly.

Not a 10 because:
- Not the biggest fan of how they display results (on the initial search return page, it can take a while to go through. Inside each company, retrieved is a nice interface again).
- Doesn't seem to always be accurate for EMEA companies (90%).
We were set up and running very quickly after purchase - I believe the platform was available for use basically "next day". If there was any delay I don't remember it!

In terms of results, the impact was also noticed quickly. At the time of purchase, we had a rapidly growing SDR team. Without Everstring we wouldn't have been able to build the high-quality lists that we did in time for their onboarding and ramp!
  • SalesForce
The Everstring integration with Salesforce is sleek and empowering.

It sits as a widget inside your Salesforce account and provides quick glance information about the company of interest. This is useful for research before the call, as well as grabbing quick pieces of intel while you are on calls in order to ask informed questions.

The widget opens up further to go into more detail if required.


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