Easy implementation and fast development cycles
February 08, 2021

Easy implementation and fast development cycles

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Overall Satisfaction with Felgo

I am right now creating internal prototypes to test different ideas.

This is really a game changer on how I was planning to go during the first days, learning. We are right now being productive and the Felgo demo apps are real and complete spaces to start from.

My entire dev area is using it to submit fast proposals and iterations. We might even believe that many will stick and be delivered on top of this framework.

It helps us to create a faster approval cycle into prototypes with the internal clients, and we are exploring the functionality that will allow us to make changes to services in our apps without having to submit constantly to app stores.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Fast development cycles.
  • Can grow from JavaScript plus QML into C++ if needed.
  • Can use existing talent that comes from Web platforms.
  • Has a very supportive community.
  • Clarify the complexities related Qt and QML licensing.
  • Allow for a better splash screen loading experience with the free license.
  • Correct the ssl problem when installing under Ubuntu.
  • Faster output from current resources.
  • Leveraging current abilities and talent.
  • Constant feedback from internal clients in shorter cycles.
Felgo has the shortest learning curve making the teams productive almost from week 1.
It also has easy tooling with fast iterations without having long compile and deployment times.
So far, we believe that this product was a good fit to our current talent and resources.

As with all development solutions, it will really depend on the internal development culture and maybe more complex scenarios could go best with a native approach.

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Felgo shines in rapid prototype development and fast iterations.

It also has a very short learning curve compared to many other technologies that promise "code once, deploy everywhere."

It is not appropriate if you are not willing to mess with the licensing related to Qt but I am still waiting for a clear answer on my doubts from the Felgo team.

Using Felgo

3 - Head of interactive experiences - his function is to review and lead all projects regarding to enriched experiences for serious games applications across internal clients and for external consultancy.
Developers - their function is to design, implement, code and deliver interactive experiences suited for different business cases with a strong emphasis on interactive and enriched experiences.
3 - Head of interactive experiences - Project management and agile management related skills.
Developers - Specialized full-stack development skills.
  • Prototypes.
  • Internal approval cycles.
  • Fast development on a multi-platform environment.
  • Mix gaming technologies to add value in serious games business scenarios.
  • Mixed experiences simulators for internal training.
  • Visual business simulations.
  • Edutainment.
  • Remote training.
  • We will try getting into some mobile games.
I am happy with the constant feedback that I am receiving from the team. Although most of it is marketing related, there are some interesting and valuable materials that they have been pushing to ease my learning.

The quality of the documentation and the ease of use may be some important values to take into account.

We believe that the agility that we have acquired until now for developing apps for our business cases give this framework an important lead.

Evaluating Felgo and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
I was first attracted into getting to the "code once, deploy everywhere" paradigm that is part of their attention grabber. But I got really in love with the fast development cycle experience that I discovered.

I thought at first that my learning curve would be a lengthy one. But I am really surprised at how fast the development cycle is and how far I have gotten into creating prototypes in just a week after downloading and installing it. It reminds me of the way I was used to creating fast and attractive apps when I developed under Adobe Flash.
I believe that our evaluation process was great and maybe it caught our attention that Felgo was not under our radar initially

This leads us to believe that we need to refine our research process whenever we have to take a decision on implementing new technologies as we plan to have support and invest for the next couple of years.

Using Felgo

As with any product, Felgo has some edges to it, but from our past experiences evaluating "code once, deploy everywhere" platforms, we were really surprised at how fast the team went from exploring, into playing and presenting prototypes in very little time.

The dev cycle is really fast as I can get an almost instantaneous feedback on the changes that I make. And it is refreshing to see how I am able to target several platforms at once.

The javascript plus QML combination made it really easy to pick up for me and I am certain sure that many devs can migrate from Web only into multi-platform in a fast manner.

And there is also the possibility to implement C++ code if the need arises to support and bridge native libraries.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Feel confident using
  • Installation.
  • Learning.
  • Fast dev cycles.
  • Continuous feedback with internal clients.
  • Prototype exploration.
  • It shows its origins as a game dev platform because performance matters.
  • Dealing with the licensing model from Qt.
Yes - It is a playground to test immediately your apps without having to send things into an approval cycle on the different stores.
As such, it has worked very, very well to us.