GoToWebinar - Giving you the Basics Needed
Nathan Illsley | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 17, 2020

GoToWebinar - Giving you the Basics Needed

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Overall Satisfaction with GoToWebinar

At first, there is a particular aspect of the platform (many of which concern the chat functions) that need to play with to figure out. However, they're straightforward to navigate once you give it a test run, so overall the platform is relatively user-friendly. As I said, GoToWebina's not a complicated program, but it offers the basics in an effective and relatively simple, straightforward way.
GoToWebinar has been used by my organization in a number of ways. On the basic end, it's fantastic for conference calls and meetings in which you need to share video or other visual presentations. We often have meetings, both internal and external, in which we need to go through Powerpoint slides or other similar documents, and GoToWebinar allows us to do this easily. We also use GoToWebinar with clients who are presenting professional webinars, as the service is reliable and allows for a large number of users to join all at once.
  • Slide sharing
  • Conference calls
  • Changing moderators during presentation
  • Interface can be slightly unintuitive at first
Overall, they are very similar and maintain a number of the same capabilities. While none of these services are "better" than the others, I would say that GoToWebinar's is probably the most widely used and the one that more users are familiar with. It's relatively simple, but the basics that it offers users are the core capabilities that are needed.
I have had several clients that have used GoToWebinar for professional external presentations, and the product has certainly helped with generating leads. The system automatically tracks and captures the names, emails, and any other contact information that users provide, so it returns a great prospect list for marketing and bizdev teams.
  • If you're looking to present a basic Powerpoint or slide deck to any number of viewers, GoToWebinar's very easy to use and is a great platform. The platform allows multiple users to view the same presentation and hear the same speaker. It also allows the option for one moderator so that users cannot speak up or interject during the presentation, which is especially useful for large groups or if there is one dedicated leader. The chat function is especially helpful as it allows users to comment and submit questions without disrupting the entire group.
  • Overall, the platform is excellent, but I will say that it is not overly dynamic. It allows relatively basic (yet beneficial) presentation management capabilities, but if you're looking for a "next-generation" solution, this probably isn't it.

GoToWebinar Feature Ratings

High quality audio
Mobile support
Participant roles & permissions
Confidential attendee list
Integration to Marketing Automation
Calendar integration
Record meetings / events
Event registration