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Best Webinar Software include:

Zoom Video Webinar, BlueJeans, ON24, GoToWebinar, and Adobe Connect.

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Webinar Software Overview

What is Webinar Software?

The three main use cases for webinar software are internal communications (one to many), lead generation, and training. In addition to the live presentation, a recorded video of the presentation is often distributed later on. This can be used as content for newsletters, email drip campaigns, etc. The key difference between webinar software and web conferencing software is that webinars are better suited for large online meetings that have a presentation format. Web conferencing software is better suited for smaller online meetings, where each participant is expected to participate.

In addition to point solutions like GoToWebinar and Webinato, webinar capabilities are also provided by some web conferencing platforms, along with screen sharing, video calls, etc., and by some content marketing tools that also cover video and enterprise TV streaming. These combination platforms are sometimes called online events software.

Webinar Software Features & Capabilities

Performance & Compatibility

Most of these capabilities are crucial for the best webinar software. They ensure that online events can happen on time, and can be run/accessed from a variety of devices and operating systems. In terms of performance and compatibility, webinar software should:

  • Deliver high-quality audio

  • Be compatible with multiple browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer)

  • Be compatible with multiple operating systems (Linux, OS X, Windows)

  • Support mobile access

Planning & Running the Event

These features allow hosts to schedule, run, and record the webinar and allow attendees to register and view the webinar. Event registration is the main differentiator here from web conferencing tools, which use individual invitations sent by an organizer rather than a registration form.

  • Event registration flow

  • Calendar integration (for both presenters and attendees)

  • Webinar recording

  • Slideshow

Collaboration (Audience Participation)

Webinars include a degree of audience participation, but usually "collaboration" is more structured than with web conferences and other kinds of online events, due to the one-to-many format of webinars. Features in this group allow presenters to distribute materials to the audience as a whole, or allow individual attendees to submit questions, comments, and opinions individually to presenters:

  • Audience polling

  • Q&A

  • Handouts

Webinar Software Comparisons

Buyers should prioritize the following attributes while evaluating webinar software:

1. Reliability: Webinars may be a lead generation mechanism. For this reason, it is very important that the platform be reliable and available at the time of the event.

2. Audio/video quality: If the webinar tool does not facilitate high-quality audio and video, attendees may not be able to understand the content of the webinar. Also, the recording will need significant editing in order to be usable.

3. Ease of use & adoption: How easy is it for administrators to set up and run a webinar? How easy is it for panelists or co-presenters to participate? Is it easy for attendees to sign in and view the webinar, and can they interact with presenters (by sending in questions, etc.)?

Start a Webinar software comparison

Pricing Information

Pricing is typically by both number of presenters and number of attendees. Software designed to serve fewer than 50 attendees, usually costs in the $25 to $50 range per month. Enterprise-level products that can support up to 1,000 attendees can cost upwards of $500 per month.

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Webinar Products

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302 ratings
493 reviews
Top Rated
BlueJeans is a cloud-based web conferencing and unified communications software with multi-vendor, multi-device interoperability with both mobile and browser integration for businesses of any size. BlueJeans also provides several collaboration tools and integration with commonly used applications.
108 ratings
235 reviews
Top Rated
ON24 is a webcasting, virtual events platform accessible from any device.
251 ratings
106 reviews
Top Rated
GoToWebinar is LogMeIn’s webinar and online conferencing solution, and offers features like audience polling and Q&A, flexible scheduling experiences, and webinar templates. It offers CRM integrations and reporting & analytics tools to help engage clients’ audiences.
Adobe Connect
269 ratings
62 reviews
Top Rated
Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform that enables users to create presentations, online training materials, and learning modules. The product is entirely Adobe Flash-based and has several add-ons for customizing its software to suit each users’ unique needs.
Zoom Video Webinar
126 ratings
41 reviews
Top Rated
Zoom offers a Video Webinar option supporting unlimited audiences viewing live with presentation engagement tools like group chat, dual screen support, live broadcasting to YouTube or other platforms, polling, and other features supporting streaming webinars and virtual events.
Blackboard Collaborate
72 ratings
25 reviews
Blackboard Collaborate is an online, collaborative learning platform well-suited for the education industry and corporate learning needs. It includes features such as screen and application sharing, web conferencing, and integration with Blackboard Learn.
Cisco Webex Events
28 ratings
16 reviews
Webex Events is a tool for webinars and online presentations, provided by Cisco. It can be used for events for groups of 100 to 3,000 attendees, with multiple presenters. It also includes audio controls and attention monitoring tools. Webex Events compliments other Webex communications, collaboratio…
6 ratings
10 reviews
ClickMeeting is a webinar solution formerly owned by GetResponse, an email marketing software company. ClickMeeting's online meeting and collaboration tools are designed to support the sales, marketing, e-learning, and training needs of business of all sizes.
Intermedia AnyMeeting Pro
5 ratings
9 reviews
Intermedia AnyMeeting provides web-based video conferencing software designed for small businesses. With AnyMeeting, users have access to a variety of tools to help them host webinars, video conferences, and online meetings complete with screen sharing capabilities.
7 ratings
9 reviews
Genesis Digital in La Jolla offers WebinarJam, a webinar platform that supports live casting, event streaming, and webinar broadcasting with up to 6 co-presenters.
RingCentral Meetings
20 ratings
8 reviews
RingCentral Meetings is a web conferencing and webinar application supporting 100 active participants, screen sharing with integration with file sharing applications (e.g. Box, Dropbox, etc.), and integration with RingCentral Glip messaging.
21 ratings
4 reviews
BrightTALK headquartered in San Francisco, California offers their eponymous platform for the delivery of content marketing via their expert communities and video presentation, for lead generation.
1 rating
2 reviews
Webinato is a webinar tool from omNovia Technologies, a provider of web conferencing software.
WorkCast Present+
0 ratings
2 reviews
Present+ is a fully featured webinar tool that is designed to allow users to quickly create webinars. It includes registration, email communications, live and on demand events, and advanced branding capability. All on-demand recordings of live webinars can be recorded automatically and are fully hos…
1 rating
2 reviews
Proficonf is a professional video conferencing platform that allows its users to make or join video meetings with up to 250 participants without any downloads or installations. Proficonf aims to help users save time connecting with teammates, business partners, tutors, students, etc. The vendor says…
GlobalMeet Webinar
1 rating
2 reviews
PGI’s GlobalMeet Webinar provides web, audio, and video conferencing with intuitive scheduling and integration with marketing automation platforms. It features custom branding for webinars, instant access for attendees, and unlimited cloud storage for on-demand recordings.
1 rating
2 reviews
LiveWebinar is a cloud-based tool that helps users manage online webinars, meetings, training, live streaming, chats, screen sharing, social media broadcasting and high definition (HD) recording via web browsers. It is a customizable solution that allows users to change logos, room colors, and desig…
4 ratings
2 reviews
BigMarker is a cloud-based webinar platform that provides webinar hosting for up to 1,000 attendees, with no downloads required, featuring HD audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, and recording. It is also the first platform that can integrate a Twitter chat into a webinar. BigMarker provide…
2 ratings
2 reviews
Genesis Digital in La Jolla offers EverWebinar, the company's webinar marketing platform.
Communique Conferencing
0 ratings
1 review
Communique Conferencing's enterprise-grade, cloud-based, virtual event platform functions as a traditional off-line trade show in order to translate exhibit halls, booths, presentations and networking into a highly customizable, and engaging, 3D virtual environment.
WorkCast Producer+
0 ratings
1 review
Producer+ is a fully featured, browser-based webinar tool. It is designed to allow users to quickly create webinars and online events and includes registration, email communications, live and on-demand events, and advanced branding capability. All on-demand recordings of live webinars can be recorde…
0 ratings
1 review
MegaMeeting.com is a 100% browser-based Video & Web Conferencing solution. Being browser based and working on all major operating systems – Windows, Mac & Linux, MegaMeeting.com provides all parties the ability to hold web meetings, without the need to download, install or configure video or…
INXPO, now part of Intrado
2 ratings
1 review
From webcasts to virtual events, Intrado Studio (INXPO) is a digital interactive broadcasting solution designed to help companies communicate with their customers, employees, partners, and prospects.
1 rating
1 review
French company Livestorm offers their webinar platform which integrates with many other enterprise applications via Zapier and features polling, session recording and sharing, and webinar data collection and tracking.
1 rating
1 review
ClickWebinar, from GetReponse, allows users to run video conferences and webinars for up to 1000 participants. Features include audio & video, statistics for analyzing the success of webinars, and desktop screen sharing. They also offer mobile apps to schedule meetings, send invitations, and del…