HubSpot helped me gain around 200.000 in extra revenue and allowed me to quintuple my output as a marketer
August 21, 2014

HubSpot helped me gain around 200.000 in extra revenue and allowed me to quintuple my output as a marketer

Thomas Witt | TrustRadius Reviewer
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I am the owner, chief marketer and sales person. I use HubSpot personally and fit all the content marketing work into my normal schedule. It helps me interest and educate prospects and customers. Customers are the heaviest users of my site. I love it, when I get notifications when a contact has been to my website and what he is looking at (that is a Signals functionality that cost 10 bucks extra). Two weeks ago I saw that a prospect we had been trying to reach for 4 years was reading an article about Sales Controlling on my website. I contacted him via LinkedIn and wrote: "Long time we did not speak. How is your progress with sales controlling." He wrote back promptly and said "Just when you have a need, providence moves for you." I agreed ;-) We had a sales conversation today and that might bring 6 figures in business. I have a very niche market and cannot afford to miss a single decision maker who is about to pull the trigger on a project. HubSpot and Signals help me do that.
  • Great and easy newsletter functionality. Setting up a newsletter, complete with pictures, landing pages and thank you page takes less than 30 minutes (you have to write the content first, HubSpot does not do that for you ;-) I can do everything myself. No web designer or technical person involved. I am a busy consultant/professional and want to act fast.
  • I like smart Call to Actions (CTAs). A salesperson who visits my site seeks other assets as an owner or manager. The owner of a small furniture store needs a different program than a 100 million dollar business. HubSpot provides me with the means to taylor the goodies offered to them. I also love that I can input CTA chains. That means if you have downloaded goodie A you well be offered goodie B and not A again. So people get moved through the content funnel at their own pace.
  • The templates are really hard to use. When you want to change the structure of a page that requires navigating a very confusing template manager.
  • The social media scheduling module needs a "preview" feature. What does it look like in LinkedIn and how does it look in XING?
  • Sometimes the text editors function in unpredictable ways. I guess the template overrides the local formatting.
  • I closed one "White Whale" (=very big customer in my world) for a running total of about 200.000 USD and a probable lifetime value of 350.000-400.000.
  • I can produce about 5 times the content in the same time. Customers have asked me: "how many people do you have working on your blog/newsletter/webpage?" and the answer is: "Just me."
  • I have a very good overview about who is where in the sales funnel. Several times a week I send my telemarketer a "revisit notification" about someone from a company that we are trying to get into. She contacts them, asks them what they were looking for and what we can do for them (free material and advice) and creates internal salespeople in the company. I also alert her to every visit of a decision maker so she can call while the iron is hot.
Used a newsletter service and a wordpress site/blog. Hated all the moving parts and having to rely on a web-designer for most things.
I have renewed already. Once you make the move and have put in the time to figure it out you will never change again. You are more than married because of the investment of time and because it makes life so much easier. The HubSpot folks would have to mess up so incredibly hard to push me away that I can't see leaving. But their customer service is amazingly good so I have never even considered not renewing.
If you do not want to produce content and give it away for free to establish a name and a reputation you do not need a content marketing hub (but a lesson about marketing). You need to be willing to invest time in understanding and mastering the product. I would also recommend to move with everything: blog, website, newsletter to the Hubspot platform - EVERYTHING to get the full benefits.