The Best Decision We've Ever Made
August 22, 2014

The Best Decision We've Ever Made

Dave Anderson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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The biggest business problem we wanted to address was connecting regularly with our audience. We serve teenagers and young adults world-wide. Most are in crisis and many need resources and referrals. Yet we needed a way to capture information on them so we could follow up and provide ongoing support to them with additional resource offerings. HubSpot allows us to capture needed user information for future use. We email then now, provide additional resources like eBooks through landing pages and generate Calls To Action that provide information relative to the issue/problem they are struggling with.
  • The Call-To-Actions(CTA) are so easy to develop and put into place. We have begun linking our partners to CTAs specific to the service offerings that they have for our audience. This means that other organizations and those they help, are now linked to other partners of TheHopeLine because of our CTAs and the content we provide through them.
  • The partnership experience is wonderful with HubSpot. We see their team as an extension of our team. We have frank and direct conversations on what we can do better, what we should stop doing and how we should improve CTAs etc. Their consultants are priceless to helping us get better at marketing to and communicating with our audience.
  • The Social Inbox is a great plus. It allows us to literally FIND kids that need help by looking for keywords and phrases that pertain to kids in crisis. Once found, we are able to quickly, directly and discreetly connect with that young person and offer them assistance and resources that help them resist bad choices.
  • Hubspots mobile app is terrific. I can see all that I want and need to see from my phone or tablet without having to log in to my desktop. As we launch campaigns, we can track the progress from our phones and we can see how we are doing compared to previous campaigns. I truly value the mobile app.
  • The only thing I can think of is that currently I use another provider for press releases. I wish HubSpot had press release capability as the other provider we use. If they did, I wouldn't need to use the other provider at all. All of my marketing, inbound and outbound to my audience could be done with HubSpot. The real benefit of that would also be that HubSpot consultants are better than those from the other service provider, so I'd prefer to do all things through HubSpot but can't right now.
  • We are far more efficient. We are doing things today we could never do without HubSpot because we don't have enough resources to do it manually.
  • We are connecting with those in need at a higher level of quality. We get them in crisis, but now we can follow-up with them offering clear thinking, right values and resources that help them avoid bad decisions that would lead back to crisis.
  • The number of interactions with our ministry has grown significantly. We are now being sought after for our content, which we've had for years, but we had no real way of presenting it or making it available that allowed us to track our success.
  • I'd rather not say the names.
HubSpot is a one stop shop for all our inbound and outbound needs other than press releases. Once they add that, they will be the only vendor we use for marketing and client interaction.
We simply are doing too much with HubSpot to abandon it. It has allowed us to offer resources in a variety of ways, we are now connecting with partners that don't have the means to have their own HubSpot implementation, but their content is relevant to our audience and we set up the CTA's for their content so our audience can get the material. Being able to know what works and what doesn't work is priceless. It is clear because of HubSpot that we have a sacred cow that needs to be slaughtered. People are simply not using the content and we are wasting time developing it and delivering it each time. BUT, we've always done it so we continue to to do it. HubSpot reporting will be the tool that allows us to overcome this sacred cow. It would be catastrophic to our outreach if we stopped using HubSpot.
The key question for us was: How can you help us with inbound and outbound marketing when we have no true marketing expertise, little money and not a lot of time? They were able to honestly and accurately answer those questions and we have found all their answers to be accurate. They told us, "We can help you with everything but time. You must dedicate the time to learning the product and implementing it. If you do that you'll be successful, if you don't, you won't." That was what we needed. Our team worked hard to prove the product would work for us and after they did, our leadership was bought in. We talk now all the time about how far backward we would go if we ever stopped using HubSpot. Is is a necessary tool in our ministry.