Jama is the best!
May 01, 2021

Jama is the best!

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Overall Satisfaction with Jama Connect

Jama Connect is used by the entire company, and I am the sole Admin and Account Manager for Jama. It solves our needs to capture and baseline requirements. Jama is our source of truth for requirements. We have also centered our requirements processes and approvals around Jama, Jama reviews, and the capabilities provided by Jama.
  • I love that Jama components are individualized between engineering requirements, product requirements, Change Requests, Waivers (something we made), and so on. I like seeing all the different items in one project and not having to change windows or tabs.
  • The Jama reviews are straightforward and easy to navigate. I like seeing the progress and the electronic signatures. This was an added bonus.
  • I wish users could have read access for some projects and write access for others. This is a big struggle for us right now.
  • The launch of the Project admin vs Org admin wasnt smooth and I find myself navigating it solo. I wish there was a webinar that goes over it.
  • Baselining needs some serious improvement. Jama baselines items after every review, which is frustrating when items in my review are not approved. As a result, I had to create a locking in the item workflows for Baselines (which I created), but I think this makes things complicated. I really only want to baseline items that have unanimous approvals.
  • We have saved so much time just using Jama to get requirement approvals and moving forward with engineering development after approvals.
  • Jama has been the center tool around our System Requirements Review.
  • We moved away from Google Docs and Google Sheets to capture requirements.
  • Traceability was acknowledged and integrated by the team, just by having the feature available.
We expected to achieve a full requirements process with Jama being a significant driving tool around that process. There is not a single person at the company that does not know what Jama is and how central it is for us documenting and baselining product and engineering requirements. We have totally achieved this goal.
Jama is the way we are able to streamline reviews, and traceability of requirements. I will say that we dont use Jama to collaborate drafting requirements or iterating on requirements, we spend more time outside of the tool and in discussion. The final requirement ends up in Jama, and I have added a Change Request process to facilitate evolution of requirements. (by creating a CR item in Jama and creating sets of CRs across projects). CRs go through an approval in a Jama review.
Alternatives to Jama for us is Google Sheets. I have spent significant amount of time getting the team away from sheets as a source of truth. The added features of Jama has helped the team transition to Jama for the source of truth for requirements.
What an amazing product! We were able to centralize our requirements process around Jama item workflows, Jama reviews, and the baselining locking I created (see one of my cons). I love how friendly it is to navigate. The dashboards are super neat and I look forward to seeing even more improvement on the dashboards.