Excellent ATS for any growing SME
November 14, 2016

Excellent ATS for any growing SME

Jacob Dinkel | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with JazzHR

At Total Access Urgent Care (TAUC), we strive to create fast, friendly, affordable healthcare, so finding the best people for our team is critically important. We currently have 250 employees, and we use Jazz across the organization. (Providers can submit their resume and application through Jazz, but Provider recruiting and hiring is still more a manual process given their roles.) Everyone else applies through our website or a job board (thanks to Jazz) and we've created the hiring workflows in Jazz thanks to the user-friendly and customizable Jazz system.
  • Excellent platform to keep the entire team on the same page for each applicant.
  • Easily handles the postings to all the job boards (if desired - you don't have to post to the job boards if you don't want).
  • Customizable workflows to design the ideal hiring experience for each job position.
  • Great support team to help answer any questions.
  • Reasonable, affordable, and clear pricing. (We demoed other companies that kept their mysterious pricing secret until the end and then cost 2-5X as much.)
  • Better candidate search capabilities. (For example, I would like to search "Erika P" to show all the people named "Erika" and last name "P" - other companies had advanced search functions, but it wasn't worth 2-5X the cost.)
  • Calculating Time in each WorkFlow stage. (Jazz has great reporting for how long it takes to Advance a candidate, Interview a candidate, Hire a candidate, or Not hire a candidate. It would be great to add some reporting within each workflow stage.)
  • Increased the speed of our Hiring Process, so we are far more likely to attract and hire the best candidates (who will likely find a job somewhere relatively quickly)
  • Increased our Retention rates significantly (previously we had seemingly high turnover that we assumed was simply the nature of some of our entry-level positions, but with an excellent platform and hiring experience, we've identified better candidates who work longer)
Both Greenhouse and Lever at least seemed to have great products and great teams; they simply weren't worth 2-5X the cost for us. Now, let's be clear - a platform that helps you hire the best people is a certainly worth 2-5X (or perhaps 10X) the cost. However, for most small and medium businesses, the three platforms are very similar. Once you have ~100s of different positions or ~100,000 applicants, then a more advanced ATS could be worth the cost. For us, Jazz is excellent. We have about 8 types of roles and 250 employees, and we see the Jazz system working very well for us even as we grow to 1,000+ employees.
Jazz is extremely well-suited for any position where people apply to work at your team because the emails, workflows, and system make it very easy to screen, interview, and track hundreds (or even thousands) of applicants. For companies with few applicants (less than 100 per year) or roles where the recruiting is more delicate/manual (like hiring Physicians), then perhaps explore other options.

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