Great tool that will have your data in the cloud within minutes.
March 30, 2019

Great tool that will have your data in the cloud within minutes.

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Overall Satisfaction with Jitterbit

We have always used Informatica for our data integrations—first the on-prem version for many years and recently branching out into the Cloud version as we began our journey into a Salesforce rollout. It became clear to us IICS was not the right tool for the job with Salesforce or any of our SaaS integrations, so we experimented with Mulesoft and Jitterbit. Over the last year, we have become mostly a Mulesoft shop now, with some of our smaller and less supported apps still leveraging Jitterbit. I would say we are 20% Informatica Power Center, 60% Mulesoft and 20% Jitterbit. Currently, Jitterbit is only used for the smallest portion of our Salesforce integrations, shuttling data back and forth between our internal legacy CRM system and the external Salesforce cloud.
  • Some of the pieces we wanted to bring into Salesforce were quite complex, but Jitterbit handled it easily. It’s like it learns from past experiences and you benefit from someone, somewhere having gone through this before.
  • Easy to set up and get going from the start. It was only a few minutes after going through the set-up process that we were able to migrate data over from our internal system to the cloud.
  • Planning ahead for some of our AI-driven analytics, I think Jitterbit should be able to handle those well, it’s got a nice interface that walks us through what we need, as long as you are starting from a position of knowledge before attempting it.
  • There is a bit of a different look and feel to Jitterbit than the other ETL packages we were used to. Not bad different, but took just a little getting used to.
  • Pricing was higher than some of the other ETL tools we looked at, and we could not really understand why. It has the same ups and downs that any other tool has, so it wasn’t a complete package to give you a one-stop-shop, so we could not see why you would pay more for the tool over others in its class.
  • The connections were a little less than spectacular when comparing against Mulesoft. Sometimes you need a little more flexibility and we found it harder to be flexible with Jitterbit than other tools.
  • Adding Jitterbit has allowed us to reconfigure several internal departments combining them into one, resulting in fewer headcount able to accomplish more. As we lose people through attrition, we realize we can leverage Jitterbit to automate and absorb some of their functions.
  • It’s all been positive from an ROI perspective for us, having the competency in-house has cut down on outsourcing expenses.
  • Jitterbit has allowed us to sunset a major ETL tool we were using for migrations into the cloud, saving us more in annual license costs than the cost of Jitterbit itself.
Hands down, Jitterbit is more cost-effective than Informatica, either on-prem or cloud and the value only goes up from there. Reusability and ease of creation make in-house training simple and the end result is we leverage Jitterbit for much more than what we initially considered it for. Having used Oracle and TIBCO before as well, I find they are the tools of yesterday, not able to keep up in terms of functionality or price. Mulesoft would be a more relevant comparison, and I feel we lean on Mule far more than Jitterbit, but both tools have their place and their strengths (and weaknesses!).
This is a great tool for bringing data out of your locked, internal systems and getting it into the cloud. It meshes well with Salesforce and is fairly easy to use, helping the transition from other older, more complex tools into a more modern environment. It has lots of competition in this space and some are better than others, but if your data is straight forward and you know it well, Jitterbit will get the job done. If you are not as close or comfortable with your data and need to do some wildly complex migrations, there might be better packages out there for you.

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