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February 04, 2014

Go Social

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Software Version

Jive 4.5, 5 and 6

Modules Used

  • Jive Community Engagement
  • Jive Community Customization
  • Jive Community with Gamification

Overall Satisfaction

In my organization we use Jive Team Collaboration to build expertise and help other companies which involves customization of the community. It is used by the Social department which in turn helps associates to learn, engage and collaborate with the people sitting around the globe in the organization.
Jive Team Collaboration not only helps associates to learn and grow, but is fun to use during the work day (which is important ... I feel !!!). Collaboration allows us to solve problems in minimal time and ensure quality output.
  • Transparent - Collaboration means sharing ideas and Jive Team Collaboration allows the person to throw light on whatever topic they feel and want to share. Community Managers and people with great expertise are there to help 24*7 as a support resource.
  • Well Managed - Jive Community is well managed in terms of different types of categories and problems people can face. This encourages us to feel "YES, its possible" when we are stuck with some problem.
  • Open - Jive Team Collaboration is open to any type of discussion and ideas. People from all over the globe come and collaborate with you and share their views.
  • The support team should cover multiple time zones. There are times when we have to wait for Support Engineer to become available and check the problem.
  • Collaboration always turns out to be beneficial. It allows us to respond to customers in a more timely and quality manner.
  • Due to differences in time zone of Jive Team Collaboration support staff, associates had a hard time at client locations to get accurate information
As a social collaboration tool - Jive is best product for me and I love it.
Other products related to same domain but functionally different I have used are:
Radian6 - The tool is now owned by Salesforce. It is used for doing Sentiment analysis and engagement directly with the customer on the respective social networking site.
Attensity - The tool is developed by Attensity. It is a suite with different tools, and is widely used due to the accuracy of results obtained thru it. The tool is used for Sentiment Text Analysis but, unlike Radian6 which involves machine driven analysis, it involves human intervention to get accurate results.
Currently using the product. In future, if work doesn't permit then also will try to be active and collaborate.
  • Associate should love the social domain
  • Active participation to engage the community and address issues faced by the customer
  • Knowledgeable enough to understand the workflow of community and admin activites