My experience using Jobvite through high growth periods!
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July 14, 2020

My experience using Jobvite through high growth periods!

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We have implemented multiple Jobvite modules to get the most out of the tool as we have grown. Adoption of additional modules beyond the core "Hire" (i.e. ATS), has helped us scale for growth. The best part about it is that we didn't have to purchase everything all at once. As we grew, we added more and more modules one by one. We currently utilize Jobvite Hire, Brand, Engage, Text, Video and Onboard. It is primarily being used by the recruiting team except for Onboard which is managed by the HR team. While the primary users of Jobvite is the recruiting team, everyone in the company uses the tool to manage referrals, submit interviewing feedback, and view internal job opportunities. Jobvite has allowed us to scale from a 100 person organization to now 800 and counting and I imagine that it can and will support us well beyond 1,000 employees. Depending on what stage your organization is at, you will need to determine when is the right time to adopt any given module.
  • Jobvite Engage is great to build out recruitment marketing campaigns. This is relatively a new area for recruiting so if you don't know how to do it effectively, Jobvite is a great partner to really establish a great foundation to build recruitment marketing programs.
  • The "Jobvites" feature makes submitting referrals, advertising job postings, and tracking referrals super easy for the employee and the company.
  • You can customize the system to really meet your business needs at different periods of growth. Take the time to really optimize the system to help run your business!
  • They were recently acquired by a private equity that in turn also acquired multiple other companies and they are putting them under the Jobvite name. It has been very confusing to go through this transformation and you really don't have a great idea of how it is going to all come together. I'm sure in due time they will rebrand things to make it easier to understand.
  • Onboard needs to be built out further.
  • There are times when it's very hard to put a dollar amount to an investment and I think this is one of the them because you can't say how much money you have saved by adopting a solution. What do you know is that the larger you are, the more ROI you are getting out of the solution.
  • Hard to measure ROI on each module.
  • Jobvite has 100% definitely impacted our ability to reach our business objectives. It is definitely worth the investment.
Jobvite is phenomenal when it comes to customer support. They have hired the right people who care and are invested into their customer's success. Whenever we have had any issues or needed support, they have helped us through any issues successfully and they do it in a timely, customer-centric way which leaves us feeling great about their product. We also have a dedicated customer success manager who we meet with to ensure that we are fully optimizing their solution and that we don't have any outstanding objectives. They also partner really well to understand out business and help us scale through our growth.
N/A. I cannot really comment on the reporting and insights of Jobvite has we have not really fully utilized this part of the product. I do know that they have a very robust reporting tool, however it is very clunky and hard to use. From what I understand, Jobvite is working on creating a new custom report builder which I can't wait for. Probably when that is released, I will start using the reporting aspect of the product.
We have very rarely had to go to IT for support with Jobvite. The only times that our IT team has gotten involved was when we had to setup SSO (single sign on) and they needed our assistance with Jobvite to get this setup. Jobvite is a cloud offering so all things are really managed by them and not our IT team.
N/A. I cannot really comment on the direct impact that Jobvite has had on our candidate experience. We do survey all of our candidates about their experience and I do not have any questions regarding Jobvite in that survey so we may have to look into adding a question around that to get a better idea of the candidate's experience related to Jobvite.
If you are a start-up and looking for a cost effective solution, then maybe Jobvite isn't right for you to start on. It's a great solution when your organization has become established and you are looking for a system to support the future growth of the company. I somewhat see this solution being suitable when you reach about 100 employees as at that stage of growth, you are going to need a lot more functionality to run your business. The solution is scalable with your organization's growth so expect costs to increase as you grow.

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