KiSSFLOW Brought Transparency and Peace of Mind
February 11, 2019

KiSSFLOW Brought Transparency and Peace of Mind

Patrick Stephens | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with KiSSFLOW

I consulted with a local company that was having trouble with their workflow. As a small company, they were having the kind of issues you get when you have few employees, a lot to do, and little time to do it in. The kinds of activities huge corporations tackle with 50 employees and a fully stocked breakroom. The school I worked with had no idea how to approach their organizational issues and my current position recommended I consult with them for a short time to help resolve the issue. At the moment, KiSSFLOW is solely a workflow solution for them and they use it strictly as such. This is why the program works so well, too -- it doesn't pretend to be anything else. It is a workflow process program and it knows how to use its strengths for exactly that.
  • They know what they are. You aren't going to get a Workflow program that also wants to be a CRM. You will get the equivalent of an electronic assistant going from station to station, taking care of business and giving you the end result.
  • Paper. It reduces the amount of paper needed for menial tasks tremendously. You can automate an entire process. As an educational institution, you may still need paper copies, but you aren't waiting for John Doe to sign Line 3, then Jane Doe to initial, and so on and so on with a paper form.
  • Tracking. If you need to know where things are in the process, the fact that this program is dedicated to workflow makes it incredibly easy to identify where people are in the sales flow.
  • Customer appreciation. When your workflow is stronger, faster, and better, the customers feel it. They feel like you are right there with them and getting things moving.
  • Learning. If you are coming from a 100% paper process and have employees who know nothing more, then there is definitely a learning curve. You will need to bring someone in to help you train employees on the core concept of the change (the "Why are we doing this" questions). KiSSFLOW does have support, but this is more getting down to the details in your own work environment.
  • Visual learners will love it, but not non-visual. If you are an accountant, and your brain works like an accountant, then this program will be difficult to learn. It is very visual, and I have seen more success with visual learners than any others.
  • Bugs. A few years ago, there were a lot of bugs. There are not that many anymore. This is to be expected with any program, so if you are training an impatient staff who doesn't do well with error messages, you will want to be sure to pad the training sessions. I have not seen error messages in a long time; however, the nature of the beast is that you won't see one until you actually find one...
  • Budget ROI. Mistakes happen. People have to throw paper away because they make a small mistake in pen and have to start all over. But when you automate these tasks -- like using business rules -- to make sure certain steps occur in tandem with what NEEDS to happen, you reduce the number of mistakes and, in turn, your budget for paper. You can also say the same for the amount of time it takes to actually get things done.
  • Employee retention. When you give time back to your employees, taking them away from incredibly boring tasks, then they don't get bored. They enjoy their job more. You should always be focused on your employees, as they are what keep you running - so your goal should be making sure they aren't sitting around thinking about how they now have 6 hours of paperwork to complete.
  • Business intelligence. If you use this program, test your employees to see how well they understand the process of your sales team. Or refine the process. When I did this, I found that employees began developing empathy for their teammates - they understood what the others were doing simply because they could see how the workflow was designed and needed to be designed.
KiSSFLOW wants you to be able to increase productivity, make it possible to "manage the chaos" (their own words) and simply make things better. It is exactly what it sounds like. For a visual learner, KiSSFLOW is perfect. It really does make good on its promise to help you manage the chaos, and it makes it easy for your employees to understand how your business works. More specifically, I recommended this program for a small school that had never automated anything. They knew nothing about the process. Bringing in KiSSFLOW allowed them to not only refine their process, but it gave awareness to other employees and ensure that they could work as a team, knowing the intricacies of how each department works (so, the Director would understand the many steps of Admissions before taking over after enrollment -- they would know what each family experienced).
Workflow. I would absolutely, 100% recommend it for a school, in Admissions, and I would recommend it to any small company who has an issue with workflow. The best thing about the program is that it knows what it is, and knows what it wants to be. You aren't going to sit down to work with KiSSFLOW and end up being sold an HR program. To make it work just right, find the person who truly understands how your business works. Have them build a workflow which takes care of the tedious tasks, and then let them train others on the process. You will find that your productivity increases, and that your paper costs decrease.

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