LabTech is a platform you can build an IT service company on
August 15, 2016

LabTech is a platform you can build an IT service company on

Justin Nehring | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with LabTech

LabTech is being used to remotely manage and monitor our clients' computers, servers, and networks. We use it to deliver automated services that allow us to increase profits by reducing labor. It is a force multiplier that allows us to deliver services consistently and timely across our entire client base. We have several applications that integrate with LabTech to help keep all our technicians informed and it aids in providing quick support to clients.
  • Scripting - Automation is what makes LabTech great. The built-in scripts are a good start, but the real power comes from being able to customize the automation to make it your own.
  • Remote Control - Not having to roll a truck for every service ticket is a huge time and money saver. It is fast and reliable. It works every time with no delays.
  • Integration - LabTech's framework allows for tight integration with other applications and gives you freedom to select the components that are a best fit for your business. For example: you aren't locked into one baked-in antivirus or disaster recovery application.
  • Network Monitoring - Network monitoring isn't the strongest point for LabTech. Mostly this is due to the licensing model. They aren't charging you for monitoring printers, switches, and routers so their isn't much incentive for them to make it a best-in-class network monitoring tool. However, remember integration is a strong suit and what it lacks here can be made up with third party utilities that can "plug-in" if you need something stronger.
  • UI in flux - With LabTech 11 the next generation tile based computer management screen has been rolled out. While it updates the Interface to a much more modern look and feel. There are some things that need to be tweaked. Speed is a bit of an issue. On the plus-side, each month's patches have made strides of improvement and the developers are really in-tune with getting it right.
  • Not a Microsoft SQL database back-end - I personally don't count this as a "con", but if you are expecting to find a Microsoft back-end it isn't. MySQL is the default database used with this product.
  • Positive: Labor saving - We can get more done with less labor using the power of monitors and scripting that are at the core of LabTech.
  • Negative: Shelfware - At the time we purchased LabTech (5 years ago) we had to buy more licenses than we needed to support our clients. A pay for what you use (As a Service) approach would have made things easier to grow into.
  • Positive: Community - LabTech as a platform goes beyond the bits that make up the program. The Automation Nation conference held annually in Florida is a great place to find others that use LabTech to do what you do and receive inside tips on how to get the most out of your investment. I've had 10 minutes conversations at this event that saved me thousands of dollars and weeks of time. The LabTech Geek (independent of LabTech Software) website is also an invaluable source of shortcuts and gems that will get you up and running more quickly or take your LabTech to the next level.
We purchased and used N-able for 12 painful months when we first switched to offering MSP services in 2010. The difference was night and day. N-able was such a train-wreck that my company probably would have gone out of business if we wouldn't have switched to LabTech. Within 6 weeks I was doing more automation than I could make N-able do in 12 months. N-able's management team at the time set an awful culture for their partners. That may be different now that they are owned by Solar Winds, but old habits are hard to break...and they had many. It was a bad experience all around with N-able, but it taught me to look past the flashy sales demos and check out the bios of the folk that are at the helm of the company and to dig into how connected and devoted the company is to the people that use the product day to day.
LabTech was built by an MSP for MSPs. It can scale from small one man shops to organizations with tens of thousands of endpoints under management. LabTech isn't just for service providers. Enterprises are starting to pick up on the power of LabTech and adopt it as well. It is a great value with a proven track record and solid management guiding its future success in servicing its partners needs.