LabTech, Managed or Not?
August 03, 2016

LabTech, Managed or Not?

Jack Skinner | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with LabTech

LabTech is used across our entire organization for both MSP and non-MSP clients. It assists with the management and tracking of the PC assets across all clients, gives our Team the tools and information that they need to support the endpoints, and the automation needed for deployment and support of a large number of endpoints with fewer resources.
  • Automation
  • Customization
  • Flexibility
  • Managment
  • Technical Support
  • QA of new releases
  • Communications with their customers
  • Fewer human resources needed
  • Occasional additional man hours needed for customization.
  • Product grows as we do
LabTech is a great product, but has great room for improvement and has gradually improved over the past year or so. It lacks some maturity in the product, but excels in features and flexibility. The lack of maturity can usually be over come with some customization due to its flexibility, but it requires additional man hours spent on the product. At times, the support of the test technology is also an issue, but again can usually be over come by additional customization.

Using LabTech

8 - Account Managers, In House IT, Engineers, Service Desk, and Help Desk
1 - An Engineer is needed to support LabTech as you need scripting skills and knowledge of all aspects of servers, software, and networks to properly implement this solution and use it to its fullest capabilities.
  • Automation
  • Inventory
  • Day to Day Support
  • Watching for Malware/Randsomware
  • Automate work and billing for Break/Fix clients
  • Deployment of Solutions
  • More Automation and Resolution
  • Migration Automation
  • Better Reporting and Strategy Insight
Support and the Speed of supporting the latest technology is the main reason for not giving this a 10. But the product is powerful and flexible. The best way that I can sum it up is "You can get out of it what you put in to it"

Evaluating LabTech and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
I did a very in-depth review and feel that we made the right choice. There has been bumps as there always is with everything. Nothing is perfect and when people tell you that it is, they are not being transparent and you need to look that much harder at something.

LabTech Implementation

Start small and learn the in's and out's before making policies and rolling things out company wide. Ask the questions of why if you don't agree with something or your company does things a different way. Usually they are done a certain way for a reason. Start simple with roll out and slowly enable or add on the functionality that is needed.
Change management was minimal - LabTech keeps a good history and audit of what it does and what the techs so. We have very seldom had any issues with tacking anything. The security roles are granular and customizable, but the lack of tiered approvals could be an issue. We utilize a ticket system to track the approval for the tasks executed.
  • Understanding the inner workings of it
  • How somethings related to others
  • How other things would be effected by a change

LabTech Training

  • Online training
  • Self-taught
The Online training has been re-done and needs a lot more work. When you look at training in different roles, it shows a lot of the same topics but no explanation to what is different about them. Several times that topics are the exact same, but they make you re-take the same information for a different topic, instead of marking that you have already completed that portion of training.
Once you understand the product, you can figure most things out yourselves. But there are a few hidden things that you won't ever figure out without someone explaining it to you

LabTech Support

I have worked with Support for many years on the product. At the time of writing this review, it takes almost 5 business days just for a support ticket to be assigned to a Tier 1 support agent. Then workflow seems to be that the Tier 1 Support requests logs and support files that are no longer relevant to the situation as a long enough history isn't kept and the files are too large to send via their normal methods. Then once you do get them the information, they start going through a level 1 check list and you go round and round on that. Once you are through the checklist, then start going back and forth with a higher tier support with other things that they should check. Once you are done there, then it gets escalated and things start to happen as they should of when you first submitted the ticket over a week ago.

All of that said, they are starting and trying hard to improve on support and I have seen a slow change. Most of these issues are due to a transistion of Support and hopefully will be resolved in the very near future.
Good followup
Problems get solved
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Slow Resolution
Difficult to get immediate help
Slow Initial Response
No - To me, the additional things that you get from Premium Support are not justified by the cost. Also, I fully disagree with having to pay to "be supported" when you are already supposed to be receiving a certain level of support.
Yes - Yes and No. It depends on how it was submitted and where they are at in releases. This also ties into some of the support issues that we have had.
Yes, there are certain people there that know the product inside and out and are high enough to make anything happen. When something is really difficult or things have gone sideways enough, they always seem to get involved.

Using LabTech

Needs to support the latest technologies in a timely manner they go to market for general release
Like to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Lots to learn
  • Remote Assistance
  • Reviewing an Agents Status
  • Executing an action
  • Viewing some Delete repeated word
  • Customization
  • Setting up a new client with all of the correct settings and information
Yes - Not user friendly and useful.

Upgrading LabTech

Yes - Upgrades usually always go smoothly and there is very little down time. Unexpected impacts can happen if you don't research the changes and pre-requisites for an upgrade. Research, research and do more research.
  • Dashboard view is nice
  • Better Patch Management
  • Cleaner Look
  • Improved Speed
  • Improved UI
  • Easier access to Data