Laserfiche Can be a Valuable Tool for Businesses
July 24, 2014

Laserfiche Can be a Valuable Tool for Businesses

Jason Kolasinski | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Laserfiche

Personally I was introduced to Laserfiche when I was assigned a project to scan all terminated employee files and then move and organize them into Laserfiche. Since then, I have frequently used Laserfiche for various tasks during my internship. The whole organization uses Laserfiche to store long term documents as needed. There are two major problems that Laserfiche seems to address at the Village of Palatine. The first one, is due to the seemingly unlimited space that Laserfiche has, we use it to clear up our very limited drive. Our organization stores many long-term files that we do not want to take up space on our employee intranet drive. The second problem it address is helping us reduce physical paper. As a local government, we have many documents that if scanned, we can destroy the physical copy earlier than we could have if we waited it out. Those documents are all stored in Laserfiche.
  • It is very easy to organize files using folders and such. You can make the files look very neat.
  • The compatibility with a diverse amount of the type of files that Laserfiche can hold. It seems like you can store anything in there.
  • The high amount of functionality of Laserfiche other than just storing the files. Such as adding metadata, OCRing, manipulating documents, and making inaccessible sections for certain departments.
  • Laserfiche seems very speedy as well.
  • PDFs seems too not be very malleable in Laserfiche.
  • When OCRing, I have to manually make sure all writing is face up by rotation documents. It would be nice if Laserfiche could rotate documents while OCRing.
  • You cannot rename or move the file while OCRing, which can be annoying when it contains a lot of pages and takes a very long time. It stops you from multitasking.
  • When adding metadata, if you do something else on the computer, Laserfiche will automatically put in for example the current year, or add something else.
  • Our Village is temporary moving locations, so we need to get rid of as many physical items as possible. Laserfiche helps us get rid of many physical documents.
  • The capability to give certain access rights to certain folders makes it perfect for a company with many departments, so everyone can use it while having access to only things they should have access to.
  • We no longer have to worry about clearing up space on our village wide drives because we can always just move things into Laserfiche.
I do not decide if we keep this product, but it does not seem like anyone at the Village has a problem with Laserfiche. Everyone has become fairly proficient with using Laserfiche and they do not seem to have any complaints. The program is used daily by many employees in the organization and it has been utilized in so many different ways.
I believe the product can be very useful in a general way. Any business that has a lot of documents that are electronic or that they want to be electronic seems to be best suited for Laserfiche. A smaller business who does not need to store too much on a computer would not really benefit from it. The product seems to be more directed at medium to large companies.