Starting your jounrey to centralised online education and learning management
January 25, 2018

Starting your jounrey to centralised online education and learning management

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Overall Satisfaction with SAP Litmos

Litmos forms the backbone of our e-learning education system and is used by all users within our business. Litmos provides us with a central platform to role out training and education services for a number of use cases including, initial onboarding training, ongoing product knowledge training, ongoing skills development and review of global policy documents from HR. Reporting allows us to keep track of how users are progressing.
  • Ease of use - simple interface that allows users to access content and training courses with relative ease
  • Scalability - Litmos does not appear to have any limitations which would affect speed due to the number of courses or amount of material uploaded
  • Reporting - the reporting capability is basic and needs to be expanded to really be of use for the more mature e-learning organisation. If all you need is an overview of who is completing courses and their scores, then Litmos is fine. But if you want detailed "coaching" type insights then other solutions are better suited
  • Mobile Capability - Although Litmos does have some mobile capability, it is effectively the same as the desktop interface. Ideally, mobile e-learning should be focused around JIT and support coaching capability where reps can record videos, upload to the platform and allow managers to review and comment accordingly. Adding this capability in will add much to the Litmos platform
  • 3rd Party Interaction - where you have a need for 3rd parties like resellers / partners to interact with Litmos, you need to deploy a whole new instance of Litmos. There is no integration which allows you to build specific roles and then segment this out when it comes to reporting. Managing two platforms is time-consuming. Also integration into our system via API appears limited
  • Having a dedicated LMS platform has allowed us to build out a culture of learning in our organisation. This culture then inspires our staff to continuously look to imporive their skills and feel confident that our business has invested in technologies that support their growth
  • ROI on time - before deploying the LMS, most of our training was classroom based and time consuming. Each region would manually track attendance and then report globally. Moving to the LMS has reduced the time component dramatically but increased our capability to deploy more training faster and of a higher quality globally
  • On the negative side, having hundreds of learning streams and courses is also overwhelming to users. We are finding it difficult to build out intelligent streams to guide and coach users on "what to do next". Too much content can sometimes be a bad thing and we are finding you need to balance out remote learning with live interactive training
At the time of selection, Litmos was one of the top-ranked LMS systems available. It provided us an entry to the LMS space and at the cost was a worthwhile investment to build out the centralised education repository. However, the world has moved on dramatically since then and Litmos has perhaps fallen behind the curve especially in terms of the content creation piece. We are now actively looking at sales enablement (for coaching) and LCMS (Learner Content Management Systems) to support our more focused drive on enabled content versus information
Well suited: organisations starting out on their LMS journey or simply want a central repository for education materials. Reporting is not as important for these organisations as is the ability to upload courses and ensure users complete them.

Less appropriate: organisations who have reached a level of enablement maturity where the need for JIT is critical and where mobile interaction for coaching is needed with detailed reports that guide managers on how to support their reps. Also, Litmos is limited in terms of content creation. For basic requirements, Litmos works but for more advanced capabilities especially around testing of content knowledge, other 3rd party tools are needed

Using SAP Litmos

1000 - Our entire organisation has access to and uses Litmos. Examples include:
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Enablement
  • Technical operations
  • Channel management
  • Service Delivery
10 - Educators who are detail orientated have at least basic content creation skills and are able to build out learning streams in a logical fashion.
The physical support of Litmos is simple given it's cloud-based nature so no specific technical skills are needed
  • Centralised learning management and easy content access
  • Continuous learning and development of staff
  • Access to external parties that need to build out their knowledge and skills on our products and services
  • We have developed a secondary platform using Litmos which we use exclusively for our reseller eco-system. We can then track and hold partners accountable to skills development and track their progress
  • We use Litmos to host our global HR policy documents which are reviewed by users on an annual basis to ensure compliance. We then report and track any user that has not redone these "course" annually to conduct interventions and ensure compliance with the latest HR policies such as T&E
  • We would like to extend Litmos to our customers as well so that they can access up to date and ongoing product training. We can then understand where customers are getting the most value from the training and helps us imprive training materials in future
  • JIT and remote coaching - this is an asked for feature from Litmos as they currently do not have this capability but we would like to move away from "classroom-style" eLearning to more just in time training and online coaching between managers and their reps
For what we need in the very near future, Litmos does not offer us the required capability. Ideally, we are looking for an integrated LMS, coaching, mobile support and content creation platform. Litmos may have the LMS part covered but there are other platforms that do this better along with providing an integrated all-in-one service or at the very least support API integration with other vendors to meet our requirements.