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Philip Mojares | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 20, 2020

Are you a teacher looking for Learning Management System that is simple, functional, and easy to use? Moodle has it all for you!

Score 10 out of 10
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Moodle is the online Learning Management System(LMS) highly utilized in our school to provide quality online learning with our students. Our school/organization is implementing this software for more than 7 years now because of its usability, functionality, usability, performance, and adaptability. These are the qualities of this software that we observe while interacting with the system. Even before the suspension of the class across the US, our school is already into blended learning, and Moodle is one of the remote learning software that provides students and teachers an avenue to collaborate and interact. Teaching and learning are more interesting and engaging because Moodle has different features that both teachers and learners enjoy using. As a teacher, it is easier for me to upload and download lecture notes, monitor the students' progress, grade students' activities, set restrictions on the online quiz and test, back up files and many other related online teaching and learning activities. Moodle has also very useful reporting tool that helps me to provide immediate feedback to my students.
  • Moodle has impressive features in uploading and downloading lecture notes, creating quiz and test, notification features for both students and teachers, generating reports and many others.
  • The backup, restore and import features are really helpful feature of Moodle for teachers.
  • Managing learners' profile and setting enrollment keys are also good feature of Moodle to restrict the valid users.
  • It's about time that Moodle developers should update Moodle and incorporate videoconferencing functionalities.
  • Chatting is another interesting feature to consider by Moodle.
  • Providing immediate data analysis must also be one of the features I am looking forward that Moodle should consider (i.e. graph generation to compare the learning growth of each student)
I have been using Moodle for a long time already (which shows that I really like using this learning management system). If you want a software that accurately provides reports on the activities and interactions of the students then Moodle is great software to use. Generating quizzes and tests with timer set is another feature that you can maximize on using Moodle as a learning platform. Back up and restore features are also very helpful for me as a teacher because I can make sure that all the information stored on the created class are properly duplicated. On the other hand, if you are looking for a Learning Management System that provides video conferencing ability, then Moodle doesn't have it.
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Stacey Broughton | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 11, 2020

Moodle is a flexible and reliable learning management system that is great for assessment too.

Score 10 out of 10
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Moodle is used by my organisation for several projects. It is used to deliver international courses and knowledge tests for assessment.
  • Course delivery - Moodle is very flexible. We have a Moodle Developer so we can create plugins, reporting features, basically anything we want.
  • LTI compatibility - because Moodle is used globally it can communicate with other systems, Student Management Systems, CPR, etc.
  • There are a lot of hidden features that require quite a bit of training in the use of the platform. Sometimes you really have to search to find things it can do.
  • To be able to brand and have Moodle look and function the way we need it to for different projects requires a developer to make those changes.
I love how beautiful you can make Moodle look with the right theme, branding and colors. With a little know-how you can be very creative with it.
Although the quiz function is very adaptable, if you are doing high stakes testing or require an authoring, review and validation tool for test content Moodle is not adequate.
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Jake Tully | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 23, 2020

Moodle provides education across many industries and ages

Score 7 out of 10
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Review Source
My company is one that deals with the transportation industry, namely helping staff and recruit drivers for trucking companies. In the process of doing so, we have set up learning and training modules for drivers in order to evaluate their safety, experience level, skill sets, and other factors that might influence their ability to be hired or placed with a company. We use Moodle in order to educate as well as to pre-screen drivers to see what company or region they might be best for.
  • Simple to look up scores/evaluations.
  • Great for evaluators to look at progress/scores.
  • Overall the interface could more simple to navigate.
  • A relatively poor mobile offering.
In my experience, Moodle was effective when it was used by a younger generation perhaps more familiar with using online courses or simply those more experienced with using technology. These users took to Moodle very quickly and reported having an excellent time using it. Other users, those skewed towards the other end of the age spectrum, often reported interface problems or had some issues with less-than-intuitive features and functionality on the site.
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Josh Musson | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 23, 2020

Moodle for the win!

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Moodle to chat across the company from manager to employee. We use it to post newsletters and other articles that our company is mentioned in. We also try to use it to complete tasks and have constant updates as to what people are doing with the certain tasks they are assigned and working on. It is definitely a useful too that we try to use as often as we can. It is a great tool for communication from the bottom of the company all the way to the CEO for him to address his employees. It is being used across our entire organization. It really makes it easy to address fellow colleagues pretty easily, whether its HR memos or news articles. It is a great application and I definitely recommend using this platform not just at work but in other aspects as well.
  • Communication.
  • Tasks.
  • More tutorials.
  • Ease of use.
It is great for communication and keeping up with colleagues and what tasks they are handling. We use it to communicate from the bottom of the company all the way to the top. It is one of the tools we try to use the most besides for our CRM. It is a great open-source product that I recommend most companies use. I can't think of a scenario where it is not appropriate to use Moodle.
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Amy Westby | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 01, 2020

Useful tool for online course content

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Moodle for course creation and the connection of students to our online content. This has been helpful to connect our students to our learning targets and materials.
  • Moodle does a good job providing students with online course content.
  • It provides for online class discussion.
  • Server speeds make connecting a little slow.
  • Integration into third-party software is limited.
Moodle is well suited for providing online discussion. It is less appropriate for grading and marking student work.
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Ramindu Deshapriya | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 04, 2020

Learning management at its best, considering the price point

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We implement and maintain Moodle as a learning management system for multiple clients.
  • Managing course schedules, like being able to manage elements of an individual course over a period of time (i.e. which specific lessons happen in which week, when assignments are due)
  • Providing teaching staff with useful tools
  • Better scheduling management. You are not able to set up time tables for lessons and exams
  • Administration of staff and teaching allocations. It would be helpful to be able to set who teaches which subject and being able to see who is free to take extra teaching subjects each semester. Also, being able to track teachers' skills would be useful.
Moodle is very good to set up and manage teaching courses, as well as for distributing course material. It also allows effective management of learning assessments. It could do better in the area of teaching staff management.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 12, 2020

Learning with Moodle

Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
We utilize Moodle as a way to deliver professional development for staff and faculty. We are able to participate in PD with colleagues from around the world. It also allows us to work with other buildings in our district without having to be outside of our classrooms losing valuable instruction time.
  • Easy to learn to navigate
  • Connect learning with others around the world.
  • It can be difficult to navigate back and forth in the dashboard.
  • The aesthetic appeal of the platform is not has high as other programs.
Moodle is a great collaborative tool to be used by students and teachers. It can be used with a wide range of age levels to be able to collaborate outside our classroom walls. Moodle is a good tool for both facilitated course work and as a collaborative space for working on projects.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 30, 2020

Best tool for web based learning.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
As a student, I used Moodle while pursing an executive MBA from one of the top B-schools in India. It facilitates the course conduct by connecting students and faculty, acts as an online platform keeping everything in one place, consolidates all the communication exchanged and is accessible from anywhere across the world.
  • Acts as a bridge between students and faculty.
  • Reading materials can be downloaded and assignments can be uploaded on the same portal.
  • Email can't be sent from Moodle directly.
  • Everyone can't participate in the forum discussion at a time.
During assignment submission especially at the time of deadlines (when we are notified a day prior), a majority of the users submitted their assignments at the same time and Moodle managed the traffic efficiently and maintained a quick turnaround. I never faced difficulties while submitting any of my assignments during the period of my course.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 24, 2020

You get what you pay for

Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Moodle is what it is. It's cost-effective and it gets the job done. You are not getting a Cadilac when you get Moodle and can find a lot more options when you look at other LMS's but it gets the job done. Overall, if you are looking for something that will not break the bank and will deliver training to learners, its the way to go.
  • Cheap.
  • Customizable.
  • Lack of real features.
  • Unless you go through a provider that offers support you are on your own.
Moodle is well suited for times when you need something that is affordable and all you want to do is deliver courses to learners. It is ideal for small organizations with a small budget. It is less appropriate for an organization that wants all of the bells and whistles that come with the high-end LMS's on the market.
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Grant Adendorff | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 29, 2019

Doodling with Moodle

Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It's being used as an LMS in my organization to conduct and assess system training in particular. It was used to implement an SAP system implementation within the organization. Assessment of competence was conducted using the platform to drive training and adoption.
  • Traditional LMS.
  • Good recordkeeping.
  • Cheap.
  • Not user-friendly to the iGen user.
  • Needs reskinning.
  • Outdated.
It is a cheap resource to effectively manage an LMS of some scale. It delivers questions in a user-friendly manner and can be used for systems training at b-scale.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 11, 2019

Impressive & Powerful open-source LMS - Moodle!

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The entire organization uses Moodle. Moodle is one of the best open-source education-based LMS applications. Moodle supports meeting both education and corporate clients' learning requirements. The best features of Moodle are open-source, Cohort, extensive customization, and the course administration features. It addresses the business problems of the organization like no-licensing cost, can accommodate a large number of concurrent users, create all types of training, ready-to-use plugins, more than 12 types of question types, social collaboration features, etc.
  • Course administration - we can create many course types within Moodle including ILT.
  • Cohorts Management - particularly works well for the education industry for batch promotions.
  • No default advanced reporting features.
  • Open source, so need to get approval on security aspects from Compliance team.
Moodle is well-suited for Educational Institutions and also for corporate where there are no compliance requirements. If there are compliance requirements (GxP, etc.), the client has to submit the application for code review with the respective teams and get it approved. Since the corporate has other options, such as opting for LMS with compliance, many times, Moodle may not be their preferred LMS. It has excellent features like Course Administration, Cohorts Management, ready-made plugins, Question Administration, etc. This is an open-source application; hence, there is no licensing cost or recurring cost.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 13, 2019

Moodle to save the day

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Moodle was used with our students to provide a platform where they could track their upcoming assignments as well as complete and upload them online. Using Moodle also allowed graders to easily see what needed to be graded and get those grades back to students. Also, administrators and teachers of the classes were able to use Moodle to keep track of where students were in class progress. Using Moodle provided transparency and clarity that had not existed before. People knew what they needed to do to succeed in classes, and administrators could see who was succeeding and who needed more coaching and help.
  • Detailing each assignment so that students could refer back to expectations as they completed assignments. This way students were not dependent on they're own notes for reminders.
  • Being open-source, Moodle has so many good plugins that there are few limitations to what it can do.
  • Related to above, this means that virtually every type of assignment a teacher might envision can be created in Moodle. This allows for a vast array of learning experiences.
  • Updating can feel clunky at times. Updating plugins is easy, but updating from one version to the next takes a bit more work.
  • Because it is open-source, you generally need to have someone fairly tech smart to set up and maintain Moodle. This means generally simple HTML coding ability, and the ability to troubleshoot issues as needed.
Moodle will fit any education system. Beginning free with it is specifically good for those settings where money is an issue for the school or group. However, even large universities use Moodle successfully. Honestly, Moodle can work well for any education setting. It is an education tool though, so it would not work well for other needs though.
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Marianna Rader | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 25, 2019

Moodle as an instructional Platform

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I work at a community college. Moodle is used by all instructors here. Administrators also use Moodle for gathering information from faculty. Moodle is the platform that we use to teach our online courses. We also use it for face-to-face classes to post and grade assignments, exams, and quizzes. Additionally, Moodle has an easy to use grade book that is linked to assignments and exams so it takes out the extra step. I also use Moodle to take attendance and to monitor a student's progress in my courses.
  • Moodle's grade book works well. Assignments are integrated so the grades are recorded automatically.
  • Moodle is customizable by administrators, so our version only gives us the options we need. NO Clutter.
  • The discussion board offers several options for instructors that help with grading. I use "sum of points", but there are other options as well.
  • Moodle needs an option for adding extra credit or "bonus" questions to exams. There is a work-around but it is complicated.
  • In the discussion board, there needs to be a place where an instructor can reply ONLY TO THE STUDENT to critique a particular post.
Moodle is an excellent platform for instruction. It has many tools that can be used to enhance the learner experience. I would not recommend it for data analysis.
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Kyle Moninger | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 24, 2019

Great system and easy to use

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I was a part of a committee that reviewed Moodle as a potential adoption for the university's new learning management system. We found that our current system was being under-utilized and lacked a lot of functionality we needed. For the sake of consistency, the university wanted to adopt one platform to be used across every college and department. During our trial period of Moodle, we thought the system was very user-friendly and provided the uniformity we needed.
  • Simple to use!
  • Great implementation team
  • Gradebook options are strong
  • It lacks some of the advanced settings other systems have
  • No lockdown browser capability
  • Fewer Integration options with third-party software
I think Moodle provides a solid Learning Management system that's easy to use, both on the student side and instructor side. The implementation team was right there if we needed help with setup too. However, we found that Canvas offered more advanced settings. Although it may have had a higher learning curve, we thought the larger scale of options would suit us in the long-run.
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Christopher Power | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 23, 2019

Teachers Using Moodle Get Better Results

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Currently, Moodle is being used in order to improve our workflow and efficiency of education. At Francis Lewis High School we utilize Moodle in order to increase enrichment for students, and make streamline the workload for educators. The Moodle platform is being used by a department with more than 200 students, with 3 fully developed curriculum and 3 educators. The problem this platform addresses is the need for students to be able to pace themselves and control more of their learning process. Students are able to follow the curriculum laid out from their home, their phone, their laptops, and from any smart wifi connected device. Teachers can upload lessons and content very easily, as students are also able to access all content approved by the teacher. Students can submit work online to the teachers from any device, making it very simple to assign work and grade work. This improves education for all students, which is the goal of implementing new tech.
  • Allows for all students to create their own unique account to use to complete lessons and submit assignments. This makes it easier to grade students on an individual basis.
  • Allows administrators to easily control visible content, create lessons, and deliver blended learning lessons online and in the classroom. This makes updating curriculum very easy.
  • All student grades are listed on the Moodle platform. Students, parents and teachers are able to see student performance in live time as projects are assessed.
  • Very easy to use by designers who are not professional web designers. Makes implementation of the platform simple.
  • More skins in Moodle to change the color and aesthetics would help engage students better.
  • More functionality would be mass texting through the platform. I currently use REMIND to mass text students, this would be easier since educators are always on this platform.
  • I would like to see Moodle decrease the amount of bandwidth they used when students are logging in. At times Moodle will crash from overload, though it could be my provider or Moodle platform.
Moodle is perfect for education. In education, we are sincerely lacking a mainstream online platform for all educators to use. Some platforms, like SKEDULA, allow for grading, but they do not allow you to upload assignments that are easy to see, edit and get submissions, then grade. Platforms like Edmodo are too socially oriented and do not actually have the month and weekly breakdown that I look for and find very useful with Moodle. If you need a blended platform that allows students to learn in the classroom and also be coached and monitored at home, then Moodle is the best option. Being able to tell parents to log in to the account to see what is due, what is coming up, look at reference files, and check grades, makes engagement with parents simple, direct and supportive.
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Suleman Ahmad | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 06, 2019

Using Moodle For over 7 years

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We provide support for senior citizens to perform their routine tasks smoothly. There is a feature to take assessments for senior residents so we have molded the Quiz feature to fulfill the requirements.
  • Generic Form builder for the quizzes is an amazing feature.
  • External DB connection provides us the support to re-utilize our existing user base.
  • The security system is phenomenal, someone doesn't need to worry about their data.
  • While we were designing the quizzes, there were some requirements to customize the GUIs. So you need a lot to time to understand the existing structure of the codebase.
  • Easy to set up
  • Bundle of phenomenal features.
  • It fulfills almost all requirements of an institution or university.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 30, 2019

Moodle: good for traditional organized academic distance ed/online courses

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Moodle is being used both within our academic department for academic and extension activities, as well as by the organization as a whole. It addresses online instruction/distance education needs, including housing electronic materials in an organized way for specific users/individuals. It is used for academic courses, trainings, workshops, and other education needs.
  • Multiple features, such as the ability to hold content (PDF, PPT, Word, URLs, etc.), assessment and grading (quizzes), and offers certificates of completion
  • Organization of content into modules
  • The ability of users to interact with other users and instructors easily
  • Certificates of completion are not very customizable, especially for unique modules within a "course"
  • Not very user-friendly in terms of the instructor/manager of the course when it comes to set up. Some features that are different can produce the same results, which makes it confusing to know which should be used (such as requiring specific percentage to complete activity/quiz to move to next module vs. having an item be marked as complete which can only happen if certain percentage achieved, etc.)
  • Offline capabilities
Good for traditional academic courses that are highly structured and consistent from module to module. Not as good for holding content that does not lend itself to being well-organized, or that requires customization.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 24, 2019

Great but need more improvement

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
My organization (in the field of education) has used Moodle for the past 13 years. We are using it for our course delivery. The academics use it to create learning activities and our distance learners use it to engage with their teachers and peers.
  • The main strength for using Moodle is the fact that it is an open source platform.
  • We love it as it is scalable and easy to use.
  • We also like it as the Moodle community is very supportive. Any questions asked in the Moodle community will be answered.
  • The theme is a bit difficult to customize. If you insist on having a lot of changes made to your outlook, it is easier to find another vendor to do it.
  • Development of features in Moodle slowly evolves. For example, if another proprietary LMS has video recording function in 2016, Moodle probably will have the features in 2018.
  • It would be good if Moodle Cloud can be subscribed to online from Moodle HQ without going through the Moodle partners.
If your organization has a limited budget, then I prefer Moodle. If you need more powerful learning analytics and have a bigger budget, I don't recommend Moodle.
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Andrea Samadi | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 04, 2019

Moodle LMS, A Smart Choice for the Future of Your Online Courses

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have been using Moodle (since 2014) at as our membership area to host our online courses for the K-12 school market in character, leadership and social and emotional learning (for students and educators). We did purchase the Lambda Theme and had some help to customize this theme to make it look better, but the basic themes that come free are still much better looking now than they were 5 years ago. We are able to host as many online courses as we would like with videos, audio, and online PDF worksheets and anyone can access these materials quickly and easily. There is also a Mobile app for those who would like to access the materials this way.
  • ADMIN FUNCTION: Customizable Site Design with Modern Easy to Use Interface: We use the Lambda Theme (purchased from Envato Market) but there are many free themes with a modern look and feel as well. I like that I am able to make the site look the way I would like and am not limited to the old way Moodle used to look. These days are long past, and I am proud of the look and feel of the site. I can also manage the user roles/permissions and what each user sees and does not see very easily.
  • ADMIN FUNCTION: Mass Enrollment: If I want to enroll 1,000 students at a time, I can easily enroll or delete mass numbers of students by using a simple Excel spreadsheet upload. I can have a class copied, with students and teachers enrolled in a matter of minutes. I can also manually add students or teachers quickly when needed.
  • ADMIN FUNCTION: Regular security updates to be sure your site is secure. Each time there is a new release, I am able to upgrade to the latest version. I do outsource this to a Moodle expert for time reasons, but many people I know do this easily on their own.
  • COURSE FEATURES: Multimedia embedded throughout. I am able to quickly and easily add audio and video to each lesson for more engagement.
  • COURSE FEATURES: Group Management: I can easily create classes so that a teacher can quickly login and see their class at a glance, and print reports.
  • COURSE FEATURES: A more recent feature is the assignment module and grading feature when the teacher can write annotations and feedback directly in the browser.
  • Virtual Private Servers: In order to have large numbers of students using the program at once, I did need to upgrade to a Virtual Private Server from Hostgator to give me more memory/space/capacity for use. There is a cost to do this and when I did not have students using the program, I didn't like paying the monthly fee for this. I am still searching for another way to handle larger numbers of students without having to use a Private Server.
  • Stronger Representation from their Leadership Team: I do follow many of the Moodle Leadership team, and support communities they have set up and often send them messages (and they do write back). I wish they had a stronger representation (training programs) in the USA to really take Moodle to the next level. I have seen this starting to occur and it does take support from the users as well. I would love Moodle to be known as THE leader in open-sourced learning. I can see they also have this vision by reading their ROADMAP on their website.
I highly recommend Moodle for an online portal to use in the classroom for blended learning. I use it by plugging into a projector so that the lesson can be seen by the whole class for the video and discussion. I do like the Moodle app for mobile for a quick overview of the course I am working on. The platform allows me to host course content quickly and easily in an organized manner. The only situation the portal does not work the best is when the internet is spotty. This has happened to me in some locations, but was quickly resolved by using the hotspot on my iPhone. I have not had connectivity issues with it in my area.
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Justin Roodman | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 08, 2018

Moodle LMS - online learning platform with a bit of a learning curve

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Moodle as part of a SaaS offering for clients. Specifically, our platform offers light duty work for injured employees who cannot return to their regular jobs due to temporary physical restrictions. We use Moodle to provide safety training coursework to these individuals. Moodle allows us to implement a variety of media into the courses; including audio, video, and HTML5 activities. Moodle supports scoring and reporting for each user. We have customized the reporting and also connected Moodle to our WordPress site through a custom integration.
  • Easily create courses that contain multiple choice quiz questions.
  • Easily assign certain courses to specific users.
  • Share reports regarding course progress and scores by email.
  • There is a major learning curve for building and administrating Moodle courses if you've never done it before.
  • The interface looks a bit dated. You can theme Moodle to change the look of it, but it doesn't change the overall interface.
  • Customization of functionality requires a programmer with Moodle expertise.
Moodle is free, so it's ideal for anyone looking to implement a LMS on a budget. That being said, Moodle does require some technical expertise to get it up and running; and that's before you start building any courses in it. The platform would be very useful in a modern classroom setting, where teachers could give quizzes and tests and students could receive automatic feedback regarding their scores. It would also be useful for assigning homework. Moodle also serves us well in a business capacity - it allows us to deliver online training to users regardless of their location.
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Zee Gimon | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 14, 2018

Learn and teach - wherever you are!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I have been using Moodle mostly as a student at EuNC, but recently I have been helping the new teachers get the hang of the system and find out its opportunities. I love Moodle for having a web version as well as a mobile version because it helps me study wherever I am (especially during long commutes) and it's easy to use for the teachers as well because there are numerous features for various needs (for example, you can set other students' forum posts to show up only after you've created a post of your own as a student, therefore minimizing the temptation to read what others have written first and only then writing your own answer).
  • Numerous features that are useful for both teachers as well as students, for example, tests, forums, documents. Even tests themselves offer a lot of opportunities, for example, you can ask an open question or you can ask a question with a specific answer expected and students can see the results right after they hit "Submit" - students don't have to wait to find out how they did and teachers don't have to spend precious time grading :)
  • Its drag-n-drop lesson creation is amazing and so easy to use. For a perfectionist, who wants everything to look nice and pretty, it's a good feature :D
  • Its mobile app is great because it allows using the system even when you don't have access to your computer.
  • I enjoy Moodle and to be honest, I think the very few things I have stacked against Moodle are mostly related to how the system is configured for my university. Otherwise, it's a very useful tool and I love the opportunities Moodle presents for education.
Moodle is great for universities and all educational opportunities other institutions might offer. It's convenient for both students as well as the teachers, which makes it a great tool to make learning easier. I really enjoy the fact that there are little things that make the experience more user-friendly, for example, when you post a forum reply, it shows you the number of words you've written. In cases when you need to write a specific number of words, this is a helpful thing for students as well as for teachers, who don't have to count the words using Microsoft Word or something.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 18, 2018

Easy installation, cost effective solution for institutions with technically talented staff to implement.

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are currently using Moodle in an atypical fashion at our institution. While Moodle is a full scale Learning Management System, we are not using it for the entire set of features it entails. We have another Learning Management System for managing our courses (both online coursework and face to face) but we use Moodle for integrating with our other systems to manage the assessment work associated with program reviews and accreditation. A single department manages Moodle, however the entire teaching faculty at our institution makes use of the product since assessment touches every program.
  • Under the Open Source model of Moodle, there are countless customization options available. We only make use of the modules associated with rubrics and outcomes and that demonstrates the ability to pick and choose what you want to use of the software.
  • Moodle is very easy to install on the server and is readily available on CPanel (as well hosting control panels) for even easier installation.
  • Being that Moodle offers an Open Source model of their software, it can be very cost effective for an institution with limited resources if they are able to invest the time in setting up the system. If there is a budget allowance for an initiative involving this type of software, then Moodle does a great job of working with you to implement.
  • The interface is not very intuitive. You must know what you are looking for in order to navigate effectively.
  • Although installation of Moodle is easy, it is a little more difficult to configure it with your other Learning tools. As an example, LDAP synchronization is a little difficult.
  • The interface is a little dated, even though new releases keep coming out (which is great!) none of them really add value to the appearance of the platform.
Moodle is a Learning Management System and is best suited for just that. We didn't like the assessment piece of our full scale Learning Management System (nor did we want to purchase the entire assessment module) so we chose to use Moodle for this, and it works well. Installing this application with the intention of only using a portion of its capabilities can be successful in environments where you have technical skills and a broad understanding of integration between your systems. For institutions that lack these, you're better suited to using a full scale of an LMS with assessment inside that same application.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 11, 2018

Great, Easy-to-Use Software for Education

Score 7 out of 10
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Moodle provides educators with a way to supply their students with the necessary curriculum and added materials.
  • Loading information quickly.
  • Formatting is easy to follow.
  • Interface is clean and readable.
  • Perhaps a more sophisticated-looking interface would be nice.
  • Notification system could use some work.
Moodle is perfect for the educator and educational institution in bringing educational material to its students. It is not so great in handling other aspects of group interactions like business meetings, etc.
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Timothy Wenson | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 16, 2016

Former Moodle user

Score 7 out of 10
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At our medium-size public university, we used it first as a secondary LMS in a pilot phase and then for 2 full years as our primary LMS. We have since migrated back to Blackboard. We used it to provide course shells for all courses on campus during the years it was our primary LMS.
  • It was extremely customizable.
  • The layout, while not for everyone, was great for students - having everything clearly laid out.
  • We were able to add photos to user profiles very easily - something that is not so easy on Blackboard.
  • The options were overwhelming to users sometimes.
  • Grading was difficult to understand.
  • Discussion forums were a step behind those of other LMS providers.
Ideally, you'd have a group of people supporting Moodle that have knowledge of coding and can create custom modules. The code is 'free' so you can do whatever you want with it, but we had to hire a support team in order to help with the server management and creation of custom modules. I think it's great for an organization that has not implemented an LMS previously, it was very difficult for us to convert faculty to use it after they had spent many years getting comfortable with Blackboard.
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Kevin David Swagler II | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 13, 2016

Moodle vs everyone else - why it is time to embrace open-source

Score 9 out of 10
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Moodle is being used across the agency to develop and deliver education to all staff. In the coming months, with an ecommerce integration, we will be using Moodle to deliver education to volunteer staff and external partners.
  • Content management - Moodle has a strong database structure that allows for content to be stored locally and used in multiple instances without corruption of the data.
  • Customizations - Moodle is highly customizable, with over 1000 plugins available, a very transparent API, and customizations available directly inside the platform, such as language, themes, and structure.
  • Notifications and reminders - With the ability to customize who, when, and how notifications are sent and the ability to write custom notifications, students are always kept in the know.
  • Static pages - One area in which Moodle is not very strong is acting as a website, meaning not a CMS, but instead presenting static pages, such as faculty information or help documents.
  • eCommerce - Although there are many add-ons and plugins available, many of which are inexpensive, Moodle does not come out of the box as a full fledge eCommerce site.
  • Integration - Moodle has over 1000 plugins and you can write using their API relatively easily, however, Moodle does not, out of the box, integrate with other systems, such as how Sharepoint LMS or Oracle does.

Moodle is great for college and corporate settings alike. I have yet to see an instance where Moodle could not be customized to fit a particular need, all while not having the overhead of other LMS systems and still having the ability to be managed centrally by the agency deploying it (meaning you are not reliant on another company to manage). Moodle can be installed locally for testing, on a server farm, or in the cloud, depending on the need and scalability.

Moodle does require nesting of activities, which can be time consuming, however, this is by design to offer the most custom and specific learning and setup outcomes.

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Compliance management (17)
Learning administration (21)
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About Moodle

Since 2001, Moodle is an open source platform that enables educators to develop and manage courses online. Moodle is a modular system based on plugins, which are like lego blocks that users put together to build whatever they want.

There are plugins for different kinds of content, and plugins for collaborative activities. As an example Moodle's Workshop plugin manages a full peer assessment process, so users can get hundreds of students accurately grading each other’s assignments, and save time. Users can add some tracking and reports and the ability to add more plugins from the community, or even write one's own, as well as build whole education environments.

The Moodle project is run by Moodle HQ from Perth, Australia, but would not be what it is without a huge community of users. Its community works together and help each other on (itself a Moodle site), where the vendor states it has taken Moodle’s founding principles of feedback and collaboration online and practise it in the Moodle forums, wiki-based Moodle Documentation, Moodle Tracker for bugs and new features, our course-sharing site, and Moodle Translation portal (which means Moodle is available in over 100 languages!).
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Has featureCourse catalog or library
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Has featureLearning content
Has featureMobile friendly
Has featureProgress tracking & certifications
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Has featureCompliance management
Has featureLearning administration
Has featureLearning reporting & analytics
Has featureeLearning
Has featureAssessments
Has featureLive online learning
Has featureIn-person learning
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Has featureAICC-compliant
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Has featureTin Can (xAPI) compliant
Has featureSocial learning

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  • Entry-level set up fee?Optional

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