Org Chart Capabilities on Steroids! So much more!
May 19, 2021

Org Chart Capabilities on Steroids! So much more!

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Overall Satisfaction with MindManager

Used within Enterprise Sales to map organizational charts, develop sales campaigns and strategies. Collaboration tool used with team members to organize the account information, like to external web sites, LinkedIn profiles, Google Drive documents, reports, and Salesforce opportunity records and keep everything in a single map.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Brainstorming
  • Process Mapping
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Meeting Management
  • Project Planning
  • Easily links external sources on contacts such as LinkedIn profiles, published articles etc. so that is quickly accessible and all in one place.
  • When learning new players in the org, MindManager is the fastest tool I have found to move people around in the org chart, put in topic buttons to call attention to "red flags" in a visual way. Also very easy to link people in a "power base" who are not directly in someone's reporting chain.
  • Easy to brainstorm ideas with team members, and share the link out to the team. Brings the white board session easily to the Zoom meeting and so much better than using static documents like PowerPoint, etc.
  • I find formatting a challenge. Example, make all the boxes the same format and fonts so when you add a box, it understands the format of the top level box.
  • I have played around with some of the templates but find creating my own each time is better route. The project plan template is very good but I find myself deleting boxes and again, takes more time than creating a new map every time.
  • I try to get colleagues to use MM but they are intimidated by the UI. I am really comfortable with it but to them it can look more complex than it really is.
  • HUGE time saver.
  • Increase personal productivity.
  • Deduced time to ramp in new sales position (realized this benefit at several jobs).
Demo flow: Organized the flow of a custom demo, linking value props and feature positioning. Allowed me to easily develop my presentation script once the flow was agreed upon. Saved time and the team was aligned visually while fully documenting along the way.

Territory Planning: Organize top targets into A/B/C accounts. Easily link customer case studies or proof points with the map. Easy to update as the territory builds out without recreating in a static document. I export map portions into PPT and share with leadership.
One note has some good tools for transcribing a zoom meeting. People are very comfortable with OneNote on extended teams as it looks and feels like other MS products, and many are familiar with it. I honestly have been using Mind Manager for so many years, I am one of those resistant to change tools.

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Love the org charting, linking external documents, web pages, salesforce opportunities all in a single place. When their profile changes on LinkedIn you never have to go back and update your org because it is live linked to the map.

I like to use it to capture meeting notes and organize my next steps. I can link MS or Google docs right into the sheet, with all the data in a live map.

I used MindManger when I onboarded to a new position to organize the training topics, and add live links into materials I knew I would one day want to revisit. This made it easy for me to have all my onboarding and training information organized and available without digging through a Shared Google Drive or a sales enablement tool. I save great PowerPoints into this map for future reference too!