A Premier Digital Collaboration & Co-Creation Tool
May 30, 2022

A Premier Digital Collaboration & Co-Creation Tool

Carter Owen | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Miro

We use Miro primarily as a generative/brainstorming tool. I personally love its visual capabilities to show ideas, help get feedback on concepts, and even run workshops. The problems it solves are mostly collaboration-oriented (finding a more engaging way to interact with the material than through Google Suite, our other option).
  • Ability to structure boards around frames and present in slide style
  • Use of color to distinguish frames/stickies - makes screen much easier to look at
  • The ability to follow someone or bring people to you (so much more efficient than having to explain where you are)
  • Tagging! Just learned about this but it's cool you can assign things to users
  • Slack integration (so I don't have to check email when a board is shared with me)
  • The zoom is amazing
  • More detailed updates - showing specifically what changes happened since your last log-in (a la google docs)
  • Push notifications on the app
  • The ability to set bounds around a board (so that you can keep frames free but lock them inside a larger fence)
  • Search can be improved - I'd want to be able to do it by user or time/date vs just filename
  • None specifically as I don't oversee the management of Miro at my org
  • None specifically as I don't oversee the management of Miro at my org
  • None specifically as I don't oversee the management of Miro at my org
I started using Miro as a part of a merger and had some trouble adjusting to it at first (coming from a predominantly slides-driven background). Getting my account set up and having access to past team boards took a while, but I appreciate the structure of Miro as a collaborative universe now that I'm all locked in - being able to easily search for past work is a great help.
Drive, slack, one drive - just about anything I'd want to connect to Miro I can. The slack notifications in particular are huge, as they allow me to be on my email less. It would be cool if you could connect your account to a device that gives you push notifications a la texts.
It's actually made the merger between my old company (a consulting firm) and my new company, a design firm, very smooth. It's been a common language that we use to work on projects together and allowed for a lot of new joint co-staffed opportunities. It's personally allowed me to make a bit of a jump into the design world from the strategy world and unlocked more fulfillment in my work and creativity

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Miro is definitely better than MURAL - a much smoother interface and the integrations are a lot more helpful. I see Miro & Figma a bit differently. We use them for separate purposes, the first four whiteboarding and the second for prototyping. Keep is cool for personal use, and something I still prefer personally, but it doesn't hold a candle in terms of collaboration
Anything visual or collaborative - definitely better at communicating info through images vs text, but solid enough at recording notes/input as long as it's given a specific visual "bound" in the form of a sticky/frame/etc. Also, anything that's going to take a long time - Miro is much easier to look at than slides and is generally smoother with multiple users and easier to spend a lot of time on. Scrolling is smooth and you can bounce around/be distracted without feeling bad. The UI resembles the human eye in a lot of ways. It feels natural.