Great product! Would love to see where it will go next.
July 21, 2016

Great product! Would love to see where it will go next.

Katrina Liu | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with MS SharePoint

We use MS SharePoint to share documents, track hours, and create to-do lists internally. It is shared across the entire company. We have sub-folders for different offices and organize different content. It is helpful to have a central location to store everything when everyone is working on the go and may not have internal server access while out and about at conference, etc. Since we are a development company we also include a service to help other companies custom design SharePoint sites to fit their needs.
  • The live edit functionality is especially great. You can see who is currently editing or has last edited a document.
  • The in browser document edit is also great. It allows us to access PowerPoint, Word, and Excel docs to make simple edits even when you are using a computer that doesn't have all the MS products installed.
  • Another thing that I like a lot is to be able to edit a doc with the full version application and then have the option to save it directly to SharePoint or to my local computer.
  • One thing that is a little inconvenient is the download functionality. There is no way that I can download the entire folder, or to select a few things to download at once. I would have to select individual files and download them one at a time. This is very time consuming. It would be great if MS could add a multi-docs download feature.
  • Another problem that I had ran into is the ability to sync files more easily. MS SharePoint is great when you have internet access. But at times when I need to work without internet access there is no easy way to get files to sync up without downloading and uploading a file manually. If there is a way to specify auto sync on specific folder it would be great. That way when I have internet access it can sync my local files online automatically. (I know that with OneDrive, there is an option to do something similar. However, it's doesn't always work well. Sometimes when I add a new file or change a file name it will lose the auto sync function and it is very difficult to reconnect the auto sync).
  • One positive impact is that it provides a location for us to organize shared documents and it can help with improving work efficiency.
  • A negative impact is that things can be scattered in different places because of some of the limitations with Sharepoint. Oftentimes we would have the same documents in SharePoint and on our company server. Or that we will need to backup documents in our own local computer.
I feel that there are different benefits between the different products. With Dropbox, one thing that I really love is the ability to open up a file easily and save work progress directly (on my Mac, not sure about PC). I also like that there is a check icon to indicate what has been synced and what hasn't. This is something that isn't included in SharePoint. I use WeTransfer when there is a bigger file that I want to share with an external team.

With WeTransfer I don't have to worry about giving permission, it will always work when I send it to someone's email regardless of whether or not they are part of my team.

Since OneDrive is also a MS product there are a lot of similarities between OneDrive and SharePoint. The sync function on OneDrive needs improvement but at least they offer that as an option. With MS SharePoint, I am not sure if there is a sync feature. If there is one I was never able to find it.
One thing that MS SharePoint offers that the others don't is the ability to edit live. If someone else edits a doc I am able to see the changes live, which is very great for collaboration.
MS SharePoint is well suited for sharing documents internally. For example, if a client is providing documentation or art, it's nice to be able to put everything on MS SharePoint as everyone in the company can get access.

It is less appropriate when there is information we want to share with vendor partners or with a client. It's not that it is inappropriate, mostly it is just difficult. Sometimes I am able to share something with an external team by creating a link. Sometimes it doesn't allow others to access the files even when I give them permission. Maybe there is a setting at a higher company management level that I don't have access to. Oftentimes I would have to rely on services like Dropbox/WeTransfer to share docs with and external team.

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