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Updated April 07, 2021

Feedback For Success

Maicon Silva | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Nintex Workflow for Sharepoint

Overall Satisfaction with Nintex Process Platform

Today we use the tool as a workflow solution for payment flow to external customers. The tool is used by all companies in the Brazilian division.
In the past we sent a document by mail to the client, the client signed and stamped the document and returned via mail to the company, today it follows the entire approval flow, both from the client and the manager via workflow at Nintex. In the old process it took us 45 days to pay our customers, today it takes us around 5 days. It was also a complicated process, because with the size of Brazil, the document was lost in the mail, so we had to issue a new document to get all due approvals again.
Today the Manager receives a link from the workflow to approve, he approves, the client receives the document to approve, and is sent to the accounts payable department.
  • Friendly.
  • Easy.
  • Complete.
  • Workflow error - it is bad!
  • Little content on the internet.
  • Many versions.
  • Time optimization.
  • Saving money.
  • Ecologically correct, not using paper.
Today I use it in the payment environment, flow of payment approvals from external customers.
We have a project to start all our customer and product masterdata within the tool, making since the registration request, following the registration approvals and uploading the information collected in our systems.
Also for employee reimbursement requests that Microsoft forms are used today.
I am not an IT person, for example, but as the tool is very complete and easy to use, I had the initiative to use the tool for the development of the company's Payment Payment Project.
People who use what I have developed, use it easily, without difficulty and I have also taught other people how to use the tool, and managed to develop their projects inside without much difficulty.
The crucial point that I believe you have to improve is in content on the internet, sponsoring youtuber to show the tool, answer questions, set up several cases.
Today there is very little content on the internet, and that ends up leaving the tool stuck, without it having all its potential.
We took advantage of the tool's ease, to develop some smart forms, where we gain efficiency and cost reduction in the company. Because it is an easy-to-use tool and without the need for lines of programming code, we have a low level of resource, which is already sufficient to serve the tool. We do not need a specialized programming workforce to develop our requests.
Although it is an easily accessible tool, the biggest difficulty was in tutorials, as in Brazil, there is not much content explaining, we had a little difficulty at the beginning to understand how the tool works, but today with explanations of a short time, we managed to train someone to develop some things on Nintex.
Nintex is without a doubt much more complete, with more resources and many more possibilities. When comparing Google Forms with Nintex Forms, it is undoubtedly a tool show, allowing us to put intelligence on the form, allowing us to put calculations and integrations, things that Google Forms does not do.
The Nintex platform I would give a note of 8, although it is very good and complete, the person has to have some knowledge of workflow, some of programming, so that he can evolve well with the tool and bring the benefits that the person expects from the tool.
For example for approval flow it is very good, but when we perform the workflow within Nintex, if the system gives an error and does not send the email requesting approval from the approver, you have to start the flow again. I opened a ticket and that was it information I had, and this is horrible thinking about a big and robust process where there are several requests going on. If it is a high flow of approval, I do not recommend it for this reason, but if it is a small demand, it would help a lot to use the Nintex workflow.

Nintex Process Platform Feature Ratings

Process designer
Business rules engine
SOA support
Form builder
Model execution
Standard reports
Custom reports

Using Nintex Process Platform

150 - Forms and requests.
1 - People focused on technology and with knowledge in the English language, as there is no support for Portuguese.
  • Payment Requests
  • Researches
  • Request forms
  • Search for Perfect Store, externally on customers.
  • Customer Masterdata
  • Materials Masterdata
Although the tool is very good and easy to use, we have little content on the internet, we have little tutorial, the discussion forum is very little seen and used. It would be ideal to have more sources of information from people asking questions on forums and on youtube and other social media.

Evaluating Nintex Process Platform and Competitors

  • Product Usability
I am not part of the purchasing team, the tool was available and I went to learn how to use it.
It wouldn't change, I think I was true to my feelings and observations.