The OneNote You'll Need
August 12, 2019

The OneNote You'll Need

Kaleb-John Loo | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with OneNote

OneNote is great for taking notes and sharing them within your company. It allows for a lot of customization and has many macros and plugins that make note-taking very efficient. Then, the information can be given to anyone by simply sharing the notebook. OneNote also allows users to access their notebooks from any computer as long as they have access to their account. This means that you can take your notes anywhere and work on them at your leisure. OneNote provides a lot of options and is very easy to use to organize notes.
  • Sharing notebooks with anyone.
  • Sync account on any computer and access notes.
  • Easy to use interface allows for easy organization.
  • Shortcuts for linking.
  • Use of templates.
  • Different versions of OneNote have changes that take getting used to.
  • There is a difference between the OneNote Windows App and the OneNote program that seem restrictive.
  • There are things you can do in Word that it seems like you should be able to do in OneNote.
  • Save time by quickly jotting down notes.
  • Share daily updates with your entire team without having to send out an email every day.
  • Keep notes when transferring to a new computer.
Overall, OneNote is easy to use. Everything is intuitive and has a very familiar layout especially if you use Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. It has shortcuts that are simple to get used to and tabs work as you would expect them to. One can also utilize built-in layouts to achieve a very high-quality notebook without much effort. There are some more advanced functionalities that can be achieved with OneNote, but only when you have mastered all of the tools.
OneNote has decent support, but it doesn't seem like there is a lot of information on how to achieve certain results. The built-in information is more than enough to support the average user's requirements, but for the very advanced features, it will take some experimenting to get the desired result. Microsoft doesn't seem to offer too much help in that regard, but what they offer out of the box is sufficient.
OneNote is great if you enjoy the Office suite. It integrated well into the already established workflow of the Office suite. It is a bit lacking in the app side of things, but that might be due to the ingrained idea of having a keyboard while using Office products and making use of all of the shortcuts you have come to know. However, since OneNote is best utilized on the computer and that is where most work takes place, this shortcoming compared to Evernote is fine.
OneNote is good when you want to keep an ongoing record of notes. It has a standard organizational structure to start off with that will be sufficient for a large majority of note keeping. It is extremely useful when you want to maintain your notes on any device without having to worry about saving separate documents for each note and then having to worry about being able to access the notes from another computer. OneNote, however, does not replace the other products in the Office Suite such as Word or Excel.

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