Easy and quick to setup and use
June 10, 2014

Easy and quick to setup and use

Ben Beck | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Optimizely

I've used Optimizely at my previous employer and when I switched to my current employer two years ago I brought Optimizely over here as well. We brought it on mainly for frontend website testing - and have been very pleased with it! It's super easy to use - you just embed some code (same code for sitewide pages) and then go into the Optimizely tool and select which elements you want to switch out and what you'd like to switch out with. Super simple. Only basic HTML/CSS knowledge needed. They do have a WYSIWYG easy visual changer you can use to make changes to be tested, though with our site which is custom built in-house it doesn't give us the flexibility we need so we do need to know some basic HTML/CSS. I'd definitely recommend it!


  • Ease of use - point and click WYSIWYG editor if you like that method.
  • Easy to setup - put code on all pages sitewide (with a simple include statement in the header) and you're ready to roll!
  • Great price - compared to competing products you really can't beat the price!


  • Their code snippet (Javascript) that they run on the page has been HUGE - it keeps paused test code in the on page script... which gets unwieldy after you run lots of tests. Thankfully, Optimizely just announced that they're fixing this issue to lighten the code on the frontend. Haven't tried it yet though to see how well it works.
  • We've improved our customers site use experience considerably.
  • By improving customer site use experience it's helped revenue as well.
Test and Target is more feature rich, but it's setup and maintenance costs (in actual $ and labor) is so intensive it isn't a good option for us. We chose Optimizely for it's easy/quick setup and affordable price point.
It's very affordable and easy to use, so I want to renew it. However, we're currently testing Optimizely to see if the code running on our paid search (Adwords) landing pages is affecting quality score. It appears it may be affecting quality score, and if we determine that it is then we'll stop using Optimizely and look at other solutions.
We hit our limit really quickly on the lower package and had to go through an internal purchase approval process to move up to the next package tier (Gold). So, if you have any difficulties with internal processes for budget approval I'd recommend just getting the package you think you'll need down the road instead of trying to skimp.


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