Oracle review
February 19, 2015

Oracle review

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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle CRM

Oracle CRM is used by my company to support sites such as Taleo. We use Taleo and other similar sites for recruiting purposes and other Human Resource functions. Taleo provides the ability to show career websites in a way that is functional for candidates and recruiters/hiring managers. The career sites allow candidates to apply online, upload a resume, cover letter or any other attachments they want Human Resources to review. It allows hiring managers to review candidates and allows recruiters to hire them.
  • Easy for candidates to add employment history, personal information and upload documents.
  • Easy for recruiters and hiring managers to learn and navigate through as they hire candidates.
  • It is visibly appealing to the eye and allows for easy access.
  • It is user friendly and works in most browsers.
  • There are some glitches occasionally where system may freeze.
  • Need to be able to use in all operating systems.
  • There are times when it may run slower than others.
  • Better response time from customer service because sometimes they do not get back in a timely manner.
  • Less occurrence of system errors.
  • Helped with faster conversion.
It is 10 times better in so many ways. It is a lot more user friendly, flows better, the layout of the site is visually more appealing and it has more functionality. It also has more options for operating systems. I definitely recommend Oracle over Kenexa. I support Kenexa sites also and I don't enjoy the way the site is set up.
I give this rating because I personally don't have any difficulty using the system. I didn't have any difficulty learning the system either. I know that in my position I am taking complaints from users who are having issues with the oracle sites but most of the time it is user error or a technical issue and they need to be using it in the best way possible. I do think it is one of the easiest sites for applying online and hiring candidates. In my 10 years of dealing with so many other recruiting and career sites like Kenexa Brassring, Erecruit or Peoplesoft, I don't recommend any of those at all. Oracle CRM/Taleo is by far the easiest site for applicants to apply, the easiest site for recruiters to hire and the easiest site to manage your hires.
I give this rating based only on the fact where I believe the support team could improve a little. I believe the area they could improve is timeliness of a resolution. It seems to take a long time to get a final resolution. There is some back and forth typically when I believe a lot of times all of the information is there to provide a response. I have found that if you call them you will get a response a lot faster than if you submit an SR on the Oracle site but most of our team will complete the SR online so that is my only complaint. The support is excellent in every other area. The speed at which we receive a solution online is only thing I would improve.
I would say it is very well suited for what I use it for which is support Taleo in their recruiting environment. It is also good for managing department information, position information and new hires. It allows new hires to complete new hire paperwork online as well, which I think is a big plus. It is not only good for pre-employment but also for employment purposes.

Using Oracle CRM

In my position we support recruiting websites such as Taleo. Oracle is used to run career websites like Taleo. The career sites are available for candidates to apply online, upload their resume and other attachments and fill out necessary information and for recruiters to review their information. The system is also used for recruiters to hire them and typically flow into their employee database.
5 - The people who use it daily in my position are analysts, consultants, clients, recruiters, hiring managers and candidates. I would say to be proficient you would need experience using Taleo or others systems like Taleo that are supported by Oracle. I would recommend experience in Recruiting, HR, Helpdesk type of positions would be helpful in using the system. The people who have the most success with the system would be people that are technologically savvy and can learn new systems with ease.
  • Candidates to apply online
  • Hiring Managers to review their application, resume, etc.
  • Recruiters to hire candidates
  • Creating unique reports
  • Cmployee integration
  • Third party career site integration
  • More mobile friendly.
  • More social media friendly.
  • Better speed in system.

Evaluating Oracle CRM and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Analyst Reports
I believe that product features definitely played the biggest part in the decision to purchase Oracle. There are so many great ways to utilize Oracle and all that it has to offer for client's needs. The team felt that because of the different options and opportunities Oracle could provide for our customers we felt the features were the number one selling point. We will continue to use Oracle and keep finding new ways it helps our business everyday.
In my opinion I would not change anything in regards to the evaluation and selection process of Oracle CRM. I feel we made a good choice and received correct information prior to selecting Oracle. The product is as it was presented to us and we would not change anything thus far. We have been pleased with our selection and therefore don't feel that we would need to chage anything. I think the overall process was highly successful from beginning to now.

Oracle CRM Implementation

When we implement Oracle and Taleo to different clients it typically goes pretty smoothly. When we do system upgrades we usually test the main issues the clients are having just to make sure there are not outstanding issues or errors. I don't have any examples where implementation went poorly. It typically goes well and clients are pleased with the final result. The only complaint would be the time it takes to implement.
Not sure - I am not sure because I wasn't a part of any of change managements. My team supports the recruiting website that companies use for their candidates to apply and recruiters to hire. We support this tool for about 10 different clients. We handle the technical support for applicant's, recruiters and hiring managers so I am not sure if this question applies to me.
  • Just having to work out the glitches when upgrades or changes are made sometimes takes time and client's don't like to wait.
  • There weren't any significant issues during implementation.

Oracle CRM Training

It was a great training tool and provided all of the necessary information we needed to implement the sites for our clients. We were provided with a great deal of resources in regards to Oracle CRM. We didn't have any issues with the training at all. The only thing I would say would that there could be more FAQ's for users to read through.
We used the online training instead of self-taught. I would definitely recommend this approach to other users in the future. If I could say anything it would be take advantage of all of the resources available because they are extremely useful and easy to understand. It didn't take a great deal of time to learn the features of Oracle CRM.

Configuring Oracle CRM

In my opinion I believe that the configurability is just right. In our line of business it works just the way we need it to for our clients. It is easy to learn, easy to use and meets our needs appropriately. We don't have any issues with this feature of Oracle CRM.
I don't have any recommendations at this time for configuring Oracle CRM. In my opinion it works just the way we need it to when providing support for our client's. We usually have a window of time to do our configuration and one of our best practices is to set that window for the same time every day so our client's know this is the maintenance window so we can make the appropriate changes they have requested.
I have used the configuration feature to add users to the system, to add locations, templates, correspondence, etc. I don't have any additional customization that was made by myself. I typically do the standard requests for configuration specifically in the Administration, Recruiting and Career sections and have had no issues completing the tasks requested.

Oracle CRM Support

Knowledgeable team
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Slow Resolution
Poor followup

When one of our career sites was down I was able to make a call directly to Oracle to get it taken care of quickly. I feel they went above and beyond more so than normal and they met all of our expectations in regards to this situation. If you just escalate a ticket / SR to the site it may take some time but in this case making a call and they were able to resolve it in a matter of an hour or two.

Using Oracle CRM

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Creating managers in the system is very easy to navigate through
  • Layout of the career sites is easy to navigate and learn
  • Uploading templates is easy to do
  • Sometimes viewing attachments gets stuck.
  • Some users complain of system freezing up but that is typically user error.
  • Integration sometimes will have a glitch.

Oracle CRM Reliability

In my opinion I rate this high because we have had no issues in this area and so that is why I give it such a high rating. There is no issue with the product's overall scalability. In my opinion this has been a positive from my team and client's view.
I give this rating because we have had no issues in the area of the product's overall availability. In my opinion the resources are there when we need them and the features serve the purpose they are set to do. I feel things have gone really well as far as the availability of the product.
I give this rating because I don't have any complaints in the area of performance. In my opinion the product's performance is right on the mark. In comparison to other systems I have used for the same purpose - recruiting, hiring and managing hires, I have found Oracle's performance to be the best. Oracle system flows better than any other recruiting system out there.

Relationship with Oracle

The vendor was excellent to work with during the sales process. All of the questions we had were answered appropriately and thoroughly. The vendor was able to provide the information necessary in order to make decisions regarding implementation. In my opinion there were no issues during the early stages of reviewing the system and the product's features.
The vendor was very easy to work after the sale. There was a great deal of follow up after the sale which as a client in this situation it was nice to have someone be so thorough in checking on the process and making sure everything was going accordingly. In my opinion there were no complaints with working with the vendor before or after the sale.
I wasn't privy to the actual negotiation portion of the sale and so I would not be able to answer this question for you. I apologize that I am not able to answer this question accordingly but can say in my opinion there were no issues with the negotiation portion of the product.
I don't have any tips or advise for more effectively dealing with the vendor because everything went really smooth and we had no complaints on our end. We are happy with our purchase and the Oracle team who helped get us to this point where we can effectively support our clients and customers.