Pega Review

Overall Satisfaction with Pega Platform

My recent project is about Human Resource management applications, allocation of resources into projects, current status of resources, project current status, and how efficiently we used resource through out the financial quarter.
  • Exceptional handling/fools-proof code for faster results
  • Built-in reports
  • Faster building of code modules which can be built separately and joined together
  • SMA, tracer, clipboard tools which make the debugging process much easier
  • Easy building of User Interface
  • Advanced shapes like email and work object status auto updations
  • Multiple records of data retrieval from the DB causes slowness
  • AES built in reports or customization of those reports are limited
  • Expensive
  • Limited out of the box functionalities
  • Special UI components addressing is difficult
  • Able to achieve good product in short time
  • Performance is decent
  • Able to debug quickly and trying to improve the performance
Less time, robust code situations, good performance.

Pega Platform Feature Ratings

Process designer
Process simulation
Not Rated
Business rules engine
SOA support
Process player
Not Rated
Form builder
Model execution
Not Rated
Social collaboration tools
Not Rated
Standard reports
Custom reports