Procore almost a hit
Updated August 08, 2016

Procore almost a hit

Chrystal Avila | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Procore

Procore is used for project management only, we do not use the accounting (Timberline) integrated tools and bidding applications. It addresses the problem of communication and sharing of information between the design team and subcontractors.
  • Drawings distribution. We have the ability to share drawing updates with the entire project time very quickly. We are also able to place the burden of ensuring subcontractors are using the most current set on them and track if/when they viewed a drawing.
  • RFI management is a huge tool in Procore for us. The entire project team can view RFI's without us needing to remember to distribute it to affected trades. The RFI process with the design team is very easy and we have tracking of all correspondence for the RFI easily accessible on the cloud.
  • Submittal processing is a wonderful tool in Procore. We have the ability to set up submittals with specific due dates and allow the system to prompt the sub to submit. Once submitted the design team can easily review and respond. The system even automatically calculates when a submittal will need to be submitted by taking into consideration review time, lead time and when the item will be needed onsite.
  • The new specifications tab in Procore is a great addition. Specs are typically large cumbersome files and Procore makes it easy to grab the specific trade you need only rather than deal with a large document. Our subcontractors love the easy access and we can link the specs to submittals and RFI's.
  • The documents tab has been a weak point for Procore from day one of use for us. The vast majority of our subcontractors become confused by the file tree and have a difficult time selecting what file to download.
  • Procore is always pushing for the next great upgrade and that is not necessarily a bad thing but at the same time they are neglecting the tools they already have to some extent. 3 years ago Procore was a really good project management program. It was simple to use, stable and while we did have a wish list it wasn't that extensive. Now there are so many new aspects of the application and stability seems to be slipping. In the first year we used Procore I can remember only a couple of times something within the app stopped working temporarily. Now it seems to happen a lot more often.
  • Sharing new features is somewhere Procore really could use some improvement. The little notification at the top of the page just does not cut it. I know you have a lot to manage but the account manager should at least send an email personally when something new is available. For example we begged for years for a specifications tab. When it was finally implemented we were not told right away and no one stepped in to help us modify permission templates for the new tool.
  • As an all or nothing platform we are wasting money paying for features we do not use and most likely never will.
  • Our entire project management platform is reliable on Procore. Every time the system or a tab goes down we are losing money.
  • Newforma and Oracle Unifier
Procore is easier to use than Unifier but is very comparable to Newforma both in cost and project management functionality.
Procore is an all or nothing purchase. Not everyone wants all the tabs and features. When we purchased the program our need was (and our need today remains) project management. We do not need want or use accounting tools or bidding tools so why are we being required to pay for them? There was a time my answer would have been 10 but the vendor lost that. The program is less stable, there is too much focus on the next thing and too little on perfecting what they have. Also there is a lot of turnover. In three years we have have at least 4 if not 5 different account managers. It seems like just when I establish a relationship with our new manager he/she is being moved to another department and someone else is taking over our account.