I Love My Pure!!!!!
Casey McKnew | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 07, 2019

I Love My Pure!!!!!

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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashArray

We have two Pure Storage FlashArrays in our organization, one on each campus. We use our Pure Storage FlashArrays as datastores for VMWare and image stores for Citrix PVS servers.
  • No downtime ever. We have updated firmware, hardware and had to restart controllers etc., without any downtime.
  • Pure support is awesome. We haven't had to use their support much, but when we have, they fix our issues quickly (and again no downtime). They continually monitor the health of our arrays and notify us if and when any issues / problems are encountered (most of the time before we even know there is a problem).
  • Disaster recovery. We snapshot and replicate between campuses every hour. Hurricane Irma disrupted service on our Naples campus and we had to failover to our Fort Myers campus. In less than 20 minutes, all of our Naples servers we up-and-running on our Fort Myers campus (I love my PURE!!!!!).
  • Speed. Migrating a VM from one datastore to another takes less than 60 seconds, seriously our average time is 38 seconds.
  • With VMs our data reduction 52.4 to 1. With flat files, data reduction is only 1 to 1.
  • The biggest positive impact Pure has had on our organization was providing disaster recovery after Hurricane Irma. Thanks to Pure our users never experienced any downtime after Irma even though we had an entire campus go down.
We have a small IT department; the fast and easy installation with little-to-no required maintenance plus the support provided by Pure helps to free-up critical resources in the IT department.
The Pure Team is great and really easy to work with. When we were first introduced to the Pure Storage Flash Array we initially thought the specs and data reduction numbers were exaggerated, we were skeptical to say the least. We set up a proof-of-concept to see for ourselves what the Pure Storage Flash Array could do. The Pure Team wasn't exaggerating, the array surpassed our expectations. The biggest challenge that we had was getting used to how simple and easy the array was to setup and operate. I can't tell you how many times during setup we looked at each other and said, "it can't be that simple," well it is that simple. I love my Pure!!!!!
On the rare times we have had to call for support, we get a technician on the telephone right away and the issue gets resolved quickly. More often-than-not, we'll get an email advising us that there is an issue with the array and what steps are needed to repair the issue. If we are unable to repair the issue Pure will schedule a time to remotely fix the issue. It's really that easy.
There is no comparison, Pure is superior.
We selected Pure because they were able to deliver on everything they had promised and more.
  • We were surprised how much we could do with Pure for disaster recovery and backups.
The Pure Storage Flash Array is well suited for organizations that run VMware or Hyper-V, the data reduction is significant. Pure is great when it comes to disaster recovery and backups, snapshots and replication happen very quickly and do not consume a huge amount of storage space. We snapshot and replicate every hour, currently we have over 700 snapshots stored on each array which makes it really easy and fast to restore a file, folder or server if the need should arise.