If you want a 'Purely' superior experience!
May 08, 2020

If you want a 'Purely' superior experience!

Nathan Chitwood | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashBlade

Primarily, we use Pure Storage Flashblade as a backup target for high priority data. IT is the only department utilizing this. The main problem we wanted to address with backup, was actually the restoration. Many storage targets tout they are a great option for backup, but when it comes to restoring data, they fall down hard. The data is highly compressed and de-duped on slow low-tier storage. Getting it 'rehydrated' takes FAR too long. Pure Storage Flashblade solved that problem!
  • NFS target
  • Large data analysis processing
  • High performant block and object storage
  • Data protection target
  • Windows environment based NAS support
  • Block level de-dupe
  • Smaller storage options
In our use cases, we wanted to avoid more spinning disks, even though it was being used for a backup target. Pure Storage Flashblade was a very affordable option for us in this use case. We don't use it for data analysis. Industry support is part of the package here. So implementation in your environment should be simple.
For those wishing to operate on block or object storage, Pure Storage Flashblade is a good option. FlashBlade was built for and is targeted to the enterprise and the largest, most data-intensive workloads. It has Ultra-fast S3 object support, so at its core, it is object-first. While much scale-out storage disaggregates compute and storage like public cloud, the interconnect complexity is integrated into the system, and clients only need a single IP address, no matter the scale.
We were originally not looking at FlashBlade, but after the Pure sales team presented it to us, we became interested in its potential for our use cases. Veeam has direct support for Flashblade; and with their partnership with Pure, Veeam has made the process of implementing it as a backup target quite attractive. The documentation is easy to follow, and I was able to implement this myself with very few issues. Management is also a breeze, especially with PureOne.

If your data is compromised by ransomware, first I can empathize, and second, with Flashblade your data will be restored back to whole in a smaller window than typical backup targets. If your enviroment supports 40GB, your are also in luck. It support 8x40GB connections into your core. Performance to the core.

We haven't had any unexpected or innovative ways that our organization has been able to use Pure Storage FlashBlade. I feel like this product has well defined uses. There is no reason this platform would sit idle on any organizations network. Everyone could use FlashBlade straight away. The positive impact is simple. The pure speed will blow you away.
  • Time is money. No one wants to wait for data to move.
  • Not a great traditional NAS
  • Scalable - this chassis can double in size
  • Practically an install and forget appliance
The main difference between them and these mentioned is pure performance. There is no comparing backup and restoration times with competitors. We are talking thrusters vs warp engines here. Data compress and dedupe was for a time when storage came at a premium. Data rehydration is simply not mentioned by competitors. They just talk about dedupe rates, and how they can keep your data safe. But, what good is safe data when you can access quickly if it compromised. Pure Storage Flashblade fixes that.
In our situation, the primary use for Pure Storage Flashblade is data protection. We wanted a performant backup target. Most of these options are slow, and data restoration is abysmal. This is not the case with Flashblade.

NFS works great. We use NFS between the Flashblade and our backup environment.

I personally don't care for it as a NAS in a Windows heavy environment. It does support basic Windows SMB, but not well. If IT is well suited for Linux/Unix sysadmin, then Pure Storage Flashblade is highly recommended.