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Google Cloud Storage and Pure Storage FlashBlade.

Object Storage Overview

What is Object Storage?

As opposed to block storage, object storage (or object-oriented storage) intrinsically associates data with rich metadata. While block storage is accessed through operating systems using unique location identifiers, object-oriented data is accessed via Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http), and can be arranged via information associated to it such as size, data of creation, the name of the file, etc. While block storage is preferred where high throughput is paramount (e.g. for business critical applications), object storage may be preferred by developers for its ease of access, or for archived data that must yet remain discoverable, and searchable via associated metadata.

Object storage may not be the preferred solution or data frequently accessed (e.g. databases), and altered. Each alteration can lead to the production of a new object. However object storage presents significant advantages. With its associated metadata, object storage is ideal for storing ustructured data objects like media (e.g. videos, images) or data types where basic metadata is inherently useful (log data), and customizable metadata is highly desirable, such as video files, which can be associated to a particular type of device (like a camera or film) instantly. Additionally, its accessibility via HTTP API renders the data independent to OS, and for developers makes data accessible to any coding language.

Object storage may be acquired as cheaply or more cheaply than block storage, is often pay-as-you-go or dynamically priced, and is generally provided by IaaS and cloud service providers.

Object Storage Products

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IBM Cloud Object Storage
195 ratings
68 reviews
Top Rated
IBM Cloud Object Storage is an IBM Cloud product in the endpoint backup and IaaS categories. It is commonly used for data archiving and backup, for web and mobile applications, and as scalable, persistent storage for analytics.
Google Cloud Storage
205 ratings
31 reviews
Top Rated
Google Cloud Storage is unified object storage for developers and enterprises.
Pure Storage FlashBlade
38 ratings
19 reviews
Top Rated
Pure Storage offers FlashBlade, a scale-out file and object storage – architected to consolidate complex data silos (like backup appliances and data lakes) while accelerating tomorrow's discoveries and insights.
Azure Blob Storage
11 ratings
4 reviews
Microsoft's Blob Storage system on Azure is designed to make unstructured data available to customers anywhere through REST-based object storage.
Red Hat Ceph Storage
6 ratings
2 reviews
Red Hat Ceph Storage is a software defined storage option.
3 ratings
2 reviews
Scality in San Francisco offers scalable file and object storage for media, healthcare, cloud service providers, and others.
Western Digital ActiveScale (Amplidata)
1 ratings
1 reviews
Western Digital offers the ActiveScale cloud object storage system designed to provide a highly durable, scale-out economic storage system. ActiveScale is a more recent model replacing the Amplidata Object Storage line acquired by Western Digital from HGST in 2015.
Hitachi Content Platform (HCP)
2 ratings
1 reviews
Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is a scalable object storage platform with enterprise-level security, for archiving, backup, and content/data sharing.
NetApp StorageGRID
2 ratings
1 reviews
NetApp's StorageGRID is open S3 object store to manage your unstructured data at scale.
Dell EMC ECS (formerly Atmos)
Dell EMC ECS (formerly Atmos) is an object-based cloud storage platform. The vendor states that it has been engineered to support both traditional and next-generation workloads alike. Deployable in a software-defined model or as a turnkey appliance, the vendor boasts that ECS provides unmatched scal…
Austin based Caringo offers an enterprise object storage solution.
SwiftStack in San Francisco offers software defined storage.
SUSE Enterprise Storage
SUSE Enterprise Storage is a software defined storage option from German company SUSE.
DataDirect Networks (DDN) offers WOS, a scalable object storage device, providing disk-based backup solution.
Cloudian HyperStore
Cloudian offers the HyperStore object storage solution.
MinIO headquartered in Palo Alto aims to provide what they describe as high performing object storage.
Azure Data Lake Storage
Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 is a highly scalable and cost-effective data lake solution for big data analytics. It combines the power of a high-performance file system with massive scale and economy to help you speed your time to insight. Data Lake Storage Gen2 extends Azure Blob Storage capabilitie…
Vultr Object Storage
Vultr in Matawan offers Vultr Object Storage, giving the user the flexibility to add scalable storage on demand and manage it through S3 API.
Rackspace Cloud Files
Rackspace Cloud Files provides online object storage for files and media, delivering them globally at blazing speeds over a worldwide content delivery network (CDN).
Huawei FusionStorage
Huawei's FusionStorage is a distributed storage system that provides block, object, big data, and file storage for upper-layer applications.
Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS)
Alibaba Cloud Object Storage Service (OSS) is an encrypted object storage service that enables users to store, back up, and archive large amounts of data in the cloud, with a guaranteed reliability of 99.999999999%. RESTful APIs allow storage and access to OSS anywhere on the Internet. Elastically s…
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic
The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic service supplies cloud-based storage, archiving, and file sharing, featuring enterprise grade encryption, elasticity, and simple management.
Qumulo Hybrid Cloud File Storage delivers real-time visibility, scale and control of data across on-prem and cloud. Qumulo customers can manage storage at a granular level, programmatically configuring and managing usage, capacity and performance.
DigitalOcean Spaces
DigitalOcean's Spaces service is S3-compatible object storage with a built-in CDN that makes scaling easy, reliable, and affordable.