My relationship with Quick Base
Updated July 11, 2019

My relationship with Quick Base

Wendy Shoef | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Quick Base

Our main reason for using Quick Base is for case management. We have to report to several different government agencies as well as track and manage data for our clients. Within case management, we have implemented task management and template based correspondence. We also use it for other issues such as employee onboarding, employee equipment tracking, supply ordering, scheduling meetings, resource list, contact management, and community outreach.
  • Easy to get going quickly. With just a few clicks, a little data entry, then voila you have a form and report automatically created by Quick Base for you.
  • Great support team. They're super quick to get back to you when you can't find an answer in the knowledge base or community.
  • Customized dashboards based on user role makes it easy to make sure each team member has easy access to the tables, forms, and reports they need.
  • Availability across multiple platforms and devices. Our team has such a variety of devices. Some use PC's, some Macs, some tablets. Having it all online and accessible has been super useful.
  • Customization is lacking. Font sizes, background colors for form fields, adding images to forms and reports, etc. These are all big issues for us. We keep working around it but it's not ideal and we have to use a lot of hacks and a lot of unnecessary development time that could be better spent in other areas. Not being able to have a customized header and footer has been really difficult. We have to use a lot of forms for our reports because they are easier to customize but when you email and print they don't look good. We've had to lower the quality of our deliverables to our clients which we get complaints on frequently.
  • Notification emails only allow for a predefined user list or one email. We often have to send a notification to multiple people. So rather than everyone getting the same email at the same time, we have to send out separate emails or email ourselves then forward so everyone can respond. Once again, extra time and effort that could be better spent providing services to the community (we're a non-profit).
  • Lack of integration. You can use third parties but the cost becomes too much especially as a non-profit. It's hard to justify spending thousands a month on integrations for our team when we work off of grants and charitable donations. So being able to integrate with Outlook or Word to get around the lack of customization is not affordable and then you're dependent on a third party as well as Quick Base.
  • Inability to perform searches on the data directly. Having used Access, SQL, and MySQL it's very limiting being restrained by Quick Base. Report links and lookup fields work but it's ridiculous that the workaround is including (sometimes hundreds of) lookup fields. This, of course, adds to the time of development needed and also slows down the tables.
  • Not having many-to-many relationships. While the hacks work, for the most part, the amount of extra development time that is needed to tweak the tables, the forms, and the reports adds up. This is also why reporting can only come from child up which once again, you have to spend so much time on hacks to display the data you want.
  • Lack of instructions available. While Quick Base university is quite good, doing a google search usually entails wading through a bunch of Quick Base community questions. At the beginning of development and for simple things, it's always easy to find the answers but as development continues and more customization to your company's business model is required it gets harder to find solutions. I'm sure as time goes by it'll be better as there will be more information available.
In general, Quick Base has allowed us to quickly and easily build apps to track data using our business model. As our company has complex business models and I'm used to developing without major limitations and easy integrations (think MySQL + PHP or Access or SQL + VB), Quick Base requires a lot of tweaking to accomplish our goals.
It's a tie. Quick Base is more stable and easy to access (ironic since Microsoft Access has the word access in the name) since it's a hosted online, but the ability to integrate (especially with Microsoft products) and customize forms and reports makes development, as it pertains to our business procedures, is much easier in Access.
For simple data collection and management, Quick Base is really easy especially if you use their Quick Base University. By far the Quick Base University is a huge selling point and a major factor in getting over the learning curve. There are plenty of examples and the Quick Base App Exchange is great to get an already working template that you can customize.
  • Building and deploying business applications faster
  • Improving our ability to drive insights from our data
  • Improving collaboration across one or more teams
  • Solving a specific business challenge
  • Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs
  • For basic data collection, Quick Base has been a really fast option. For the more complicated business logic, it takes a lot of hacks and tweaking.
  • Having easily customized reports to quickly assess everything has been useful.
  • The platform is easy to use and once you get used to how everything works in one table/form, it's easy for the team to start using a new table and form for more data collection.
  • Data collection has been great, displaying and sharing the data hasn't been as great and there are still a few areas that we haven't been able to develop a good solution that doesn't require an expensive third-party solution.
  • Doesn't meet our exact needs but it's pretty close. It's what we're using so we make it work.
We're in constant update and development mode as our industry has constant changes to regulations that we must adhere to. We're also still a new project so things are constantly changing as we improve our business processes. It's been very quick and easy to add new fields to forms and reports.
Quick Base is well suited to a company that can spend substantial funds on integrations, or if they only need data collection and are not concerned with the way in which the data is delivered. I would not recommend this to small businesses that are on tight budgets or that want reports that are easy to understand, look nice, or have a lot of requirements.

Quickbase Feature Ratings

Using Quick Base

18 - Two different projects (divisions) with case managers, administration, data entry/intake, and team members.

  • Team members that work on cases and are in constant contact with all the people associated with each case.
  • Case managers that manage the workflow and output of the team.
  • Admins that manages everyone and basic human resource functions.
1 - It's just me. We are a non-profit and can't justify having an IT team. Luckily, some of the other team members are tech savvy so they are able to create systems outside of Quick Base until I'm able to integrate as much as I can into Quick Base.
  • Task management.
  • Logging correspondence with everyone associated with a specific case/project.
  • Tracking progress on each case.
  • Collecting data/research.
  • Supply ordering & management.
  • Streamlining employee on-boarding.
  • Easy accounts receivable.