Great collaboration platform for a Salesforce focused company
June 27, 2018

Great collaboration platform for a Salesforce focused company

William Beasley | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Quip

Quip is used mostly by IT but also a small group of business users mostly in Accounting. It was put in place to allow collaboration of IT and business users. Chat communication, document storage, sharing and collaboration on documents were part of what we were trying to address. Since Salesforce is a big part of what we do, it made sense to have a tool that worked tightly with Salesforce and worked in the cloud like Salesforce.
  • Quip puts a lot of chatting capabilities into everything - likes, tags, favorites, callouts, emojis, Giphy, attachments. So communication is rich and creative. And they link chatting communication into everything.
  • Quip allows for collaboration on all documents. Highlights on document or lines or parts of documents are allowed. So collaboration can be very specific within the document. There are date time tags so it is easy to trace historically. Quip also notes when someone sees something which is handy for possible follow-ups instead of waiting for a reply of some kind.
  • Quip has done a fantastic job of expanding Quip capabilities. When we first started, only basic office documents were allowed. Now they have many other apps for project tracking, calendar, working with Salesforce records, and integration with JIRA. These are all very simple to use. It is easy to start using with no training.
  • Quip office documents are not as full featured as Microsoft Office documents you may be used to. Mind you, there are thousands of features in MS Office documents. But even some of the more basic features are not available. I have many problems with formatting. The worst problem is when a document starts in something else like Microsoft Office and then you try to copy it to Quip. You usually end up having to re-write it if it was complicated.
  • Quip documents will feel slow compared to locally based documents. The performance is similar to what I have seen with O365 documents editing online and only a little slower than Google docs (Google docs do this surprisingly well). But if you are used to working fast in a document you will be challenged by the response time. The problem seems worse with more than 1 person in the document and especially if the document gets large.
  • It would be nice to see Quip embrace Google apps or O365 more. Many companies and users have one or more so would be nice to move between and not lose so much. These are competitors and I know why that would not be a priority but it does mean sometimes I may not put something in Quip.
  • Quip allowed collaboration and communication between Salesforce team and the rest of IT as well as business users.
  • Quip allowed collaboration on documents that was very interactive and helpful to the creation process.
  • Quip frustrated us because we had so many documents that we already had but they did not work well inside of Quip.
Quip integrates the best with Salesforce. It is not as speedy or as full-featured as these applications. In some cases like Slack, it offers document capabilities that are not possible. Sharepoint has little collaboration other than everyone going to the same location. Quip finds a nice balance of features and ease of use that lets teams quickly get up to speed with.
Quip is well suited for a company with a sizeable Salesforce investment and wants a lot of features around collaboration. You want office type documents but you don't have a huge existing library that you also have to integrate and work with.
Review the Apps that Quip makes available. They have done a good job of coming up with many team-oriented documents for different tasks. While not super full-featured, they give you enough of what you need and you will not have to spend money on other products.
I am unsure of pricing but I have heard it is not cheap. There may be cost barriers to smaller companies. Google and O365 may offer more cost-effective alternatives.

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