How to do more testing with less resources.
Updated April 19, 2021

How to do more testing with less resources.

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Overall Satisfaction with Sauce Labs

Our Engineering department consists of over 30 teams and about one-third of them use Sauce Labs in their daily software development process. Each team uses Sauce Labs for different purposes, they include: Continuous Integration testing, A-B version testings with mobile browsers and web browsers, acceptance testing, UI defect troubleshooting, browser compatibility testing and load testing. Our company has given the software developer the main responsibility of software quality in our products, so we are very lean on QA and testers. This means we rely a lot on Sauce Labs automation tests to validate our builds, test environments, and production environments.
  • Sauce labs always has the latest versions of browsers available shortly after their release. This keeps our UI tests relevant and valuable because we are always testing the newest browsers available.
  • Sauce Labs' REST API is easy to use and very little effort was required on our side to integrate our systems with it.
  • The Sauce Labs UI is very easy to use. I can give an engineer a 5 minute demo on it and they are up and running on their own.
  • The User Management UI could use an upgrade, but I do think Sauce Labs is working on it.
  • Account Usage trends and analytics only goes back 60 days. I would like to see our company's usage since day 1.
  • Alerting integration with Slack, Hipchat and email would be nice to know when certain test failure conditions are met.
  • Increase the number of software release cycles
  • Improve quality by increasing browser/OS/device coverage
  • Achieve continuous delivery
We are constantly improving our quality and testing processes with Sauce Labs. We are getting more teams on-board to use Sauce Labs every month and it is great to see our usage trends continually going upward.

The constant challenges of our developers are:
1. Creating good, solid UI tests which need very little maintenance and are easy to read and use.
2. Creating UI tests that are not brittle or flakey in nature.
3. Determining when a test is not valuable anymore and removing it.

All these things require constant awareness and dedication to keep things running smoothly. I think our organization does a good job keeping up with these challenges.
  • none
We continue to find value in Sauce Labs and have not pursued any other products like it.

Because of our confidence in Sauce Labs, we have over a dozens teams using it for their software development lifecycle and they rely on it for daily builds and test validations and have it integrated in many different systems.
  • I have been using Sauce Labs for over 5 years. It is integrated in hundreds of UI automation tests I have running daily.
  • It has also been helpful for providing test acceptance during new builds and new feature development.
  • We have hundreds of UI regression tests in Sauce Labs which have eliminated some of the manual testing aspects of quality control.
  • Sauce Labs is also useful if you need to spin up an obscure OS and browser combination when you are trying to reproduce a customer filed bug.
  • We've used Sauce Labs for minor load testing scenarios and it has been very useful, but in cases when you need some serious production-type load tests, there are other tools that would provide a better and cheaper solution.

Sauce Labs Features & Support

Sauce Labs has provided excellent support and services for our Engineering team over the past year. We've had Mobile and Scripting challenges and they have always been able to solve our problems. Our Customer Success and Account Executive have been quick to respond with solutions and guidence.
We use a small subset of Sauce Labs features. Our tests mainly focus on browser scripting and browser compatibility which is reliant on our team's CI/CD pipeline. The automated browser tools are intuitive, well documented and easy to use for our developers. Rarely do I get how-to questions from new users at our company that are new to Sauce Labs. I think that says a lot about how a product is designed and supported.
I have started mentioning these new features to our Engineering teams. Quite a few have shown interest, but have not yet taken the plunge to look into visual and performance testing tools. I have just started looking into the API testing tools that Sauce Labs has recently introduced. It looks promising and I will use my research to share with other API Service teams at my company. We hope to have some implementation on this in the next 3-6 months.