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February 10, 2017

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Samuel Hoffman | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ScreenConnect

We use ScreenConnect just in the IT department to support our own systems in our local area of Houston, TX. Remote support is a necessity and this is a good solution. It helps solve every issue we have that can be fixed from a remote location.
  • If there is an issue with a system time or date on the computer, most remote support tools will not be able to negotiate a connection. ScreenConnect is able to circumvent this problem that seems to effect software like LogMeIn (since the least time I used it in 2013).
  • Dual factor authentication. Supports YubiKey, Google Authenticator, and OTP codes from email. Even though I don't use it, ScreenConnect supports connecting to a Windows group policy for this as well.
  • The MacOS client does not use Java, which is a great thing from a security standpoint. The Linux client does need Java, however, this isn't something that impacts me as an end user.
  • My biggest concern is the internal security of their cloud platform. Recently they upgraded their TLS and SSL protocols/cipher suites to disable insecure and broken negotiation techniques (which I'm very excited about), but the end user does not have control over what cipher suites or SSL/TLS protocols they'd like to enable. This may be a limitation with their choice of OS/web server platform, but it would be a neat feature to have.
  • While the MacOS client does not need Java as I previously stated, it is lacking drag and drop support like the Windows client had, and it's missing printer support.
  • Self-hosted is unaffordable for small companies. It used to be a great deal for the # of concurrent licenses but they've moved to a monthly cloud rate. This sort of goes back to my # 1 point. I wish to host ScreenConnect in a more restricted and secure environment than their Amazon AWS cloud platform. But I can't justify the cost of a self-hosted license for just 9-10 remote access points.
  • The emailing features are extremely limited, and even with the Advanced SMTP plugin, I'm still struggling to get ScreenConnect to send emails via our work SMTP.
  • The cloud cost is certainly affordable for a single technician setup like I have. In its current use, ScreenConnect has little impact on business objectives. If ScreenConnect shut down tomorrow, the reality is not much would change for me other than some disappointment that it's been discontinued.
  • At past companies where I've used ScreenConnect on a help desk team, it's certainly had a positive impact on the business. We were able to eliminate monthly fees because we bought the self-hosted plan (before ScreenConnect cloud rolled out). Concurrent session limits are definitely a plus for us, rather than # of installed clients like LogMeIn works.
  • The self-hosted version also gave us peace of mind. I wish I could use that today and would certainly purchase it if I could justify the cost.
  • Session sharing is a simple but elegant feature that even assists in training technicians. A senior tech can have a trainee uses the same session and have a training course about what's going on.
  • The Meet session is a neat feature but we still use a product like GoToMeeting. We don't want too much exposure to our ScreenConnect instances for security reasons.
LogMeIn was fine when it was free. When it became $60/mo/machine, it was no longer valueable. LogMeIn is also a major target for breaches so we wanted to stay far away from that with a self hosted instance.
TeamViewer is utter trash, and while there's nothing wrong with it being trash, it is wrong for that company to charge people so much money for their trash software.
Overall ScreenConnect is affordable and very feature rich. It is a reliable product and will do everything most consumers are looking for in a remote access suite.

ConnectWise ScreenConnect Feature Ratings

Screen sharing
File transfer
Instant message
Secure remote access with Smart Card authentication
Access to sleeping/powered-off computers
Over-the-Internet remote session
Initiate remote control from mobile
Remote management of servers & workstations
Remote Active Directory® management
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Centralized management dashboard
Session record
Monitoring and Alerts
Multi-platform remote control