ScreenConnect Saves Me from Burnout!
Updated October 12, 2017

ScreenConnect Saves Me from Burnout!

Betsy Sauther | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect)

I am the only IT person for the company of 82 people. I have to support offices as far as 100 miles away and need a solution that remotes quickly and easily.
I'm the only user of the product. The business problem I have had is that regular remote access sometimes cannot find machines on WLANs without looking up IP addresses and also locks the user out.
With ScreenConnect I simply "pop on" to the users machine without having to download applets every time. Once their machine is in my "farm" as I call it, I can help people very easily, they can see what I am doing and I can see what they are doing so that I can do some training and help them pinpoint issues.
  • It allows me to store a user's password to log on. I find this very useful as I depend on ScreenConnect when I am setting up new PC's for users.
  • It allows me to send a variety of commands to the PC that I am working on like restart, switch user etc. that I depend on for remote management.
  • I can see all or just one of a users screens very easily, and it doesn't change a user's windows desktop view like windows remote does when they have multiple screens.
  • I like having a thumbnail screenshot preview of a user's PC. I can refresh that to see if the user is at their machine, so that if I need to work with them (or conversely, work when they are away) for a remote session, I know if they are "in residence"
  • I'd like to know if the local network IPv4 address of the machine could on the stats sidebar instead of having to go get that manually.
  • There are times when my connection seems corrupted and I have to close out the connection and start it again. That is irritating.
  • I'm still not 100% on the mobile app, but it has improved. I am irritated when I try to use it and it gives me a denial because I am logged in on my other machine. I should be given the option to "auto log out" the other "me" when I need to use the mobile app. I want to be very nimble when supporting my users and I don't just sit in my office. I need to be able to remote to my own desktop from my iphone 7+ when I am at someone else's desk in order to do a pwd reset or check information that I need to support them.
  • I believe the ROI has been very positive; as I said earlier, there would have to have been talks to hire a second support person if I didn't have this software. My efficiency has really improved and I beat burnout and frustration simply because I have this software.
  • The price was the best point for our purchase of the product; it was "just right" for a company of my size with a frugal IT manager like myself.
  • My efficiency has really improved and I beat burnout and frustration simply because I have this software.
ScreenConnect works better than any of the others for me, and the price was MUCH better.
-Ammyy was dicey and google hated my using it!
-Google remote desktop is a little awkward but works ok. Not a solution for an IT pro.
-Team Viewer has some nice features and works just fine for me but was expensive for my needs.
-Microsoft RM is my alternate but I don't like how much effort it takes to log in, I can't log in "as the user" unless I have previously given permission to that user for remote access.
-LogMeIn is great feature wise, and may be more developed than ScreenConnect, but was too much $ for my needs.
This app has saved my time and frustration level from being overwhelming. I feel that it has contributed greatly to my success as the sole IT support in my company. My environment is comprised of PCs running Windows Pro OS's - both 7 and 10. We haven't gone to Enterprise yet. We are a hybrid deployment of Office365, have a nice Sharepoint intranet set up, and have a complex industry-specific software that I support as well. We have about 3 people who remote either regularly or intermittently, and I am called at all hours to help people on various devices. I find ScreenConnect to be very useful for me as I can connect with someone who "just bought a new laptop" and wants to connect from home in a snowstorm!
I would appreciate more lessons on basic uses as I have "a certain way" I use the system and don't always remember to try a "web based support session" rather than trying to send someone my latest build file.

ConnectWise Control Feature Ratings

Screen sharing
File transfer
Instant message
Access to sleeping/powered-off computers
Over-the-Internet remote session
Initiate remote control from mobile
Remote management of servers & workstations
Remote Active Directory® management
Not Rated
Centralized management dashboard
Session record
Not Rated
Not Rated
Monitoring and Alerts
Not Rated
Multi-platform remote control

Using ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect)

This software was really the best choice for our company. We use it to remote to any and all workstations in what I call my farm. It is effortless, it lets the users know that we are connecting, it has an easy way to switch between screens, it is not overly complicated, and very stable. Very important for me was that the users could see what I was doing, and of course that is not the case with RDP. I highly recommend this software as an excellent way to support users. I use this in a job where I am supporting between 80 and 100 workstations.

ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect) Training

the one I attended didn't grab my attention the way I thought it would. Maybe because of the way I use the product; or because of how I am using an online instance, not a locally installed version. Some of the discussion got more technical and off the topic, it seemed.

ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect) Support

I have always gotten a great response from the company and help dealing with any small issues I have had. This has been the best purchase for my work. I need to be able to help people without trying to figure out the mode that I help them through. I find it very easy to connect with people and assist them very quickly with the software. It is a very stable and easy to use support software that I use many times every day.