We love ShippingEasy and it has really made our lives a lot easier
July 05, 2019

We love ShippingEasy and it has really made our lives a lot easier

Nick Hunter | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ShippingEasy

We use ShippingEasy for our whole organization as an all-in-one shipping solution that integrated with our BigCommerce store. We also use it for our email marketing campaigns for sales and automated, triggered response emails to new customers, return customers, etc. It really is a good an all-in-one solution that helps a small organization like ourselves save a lot of time and makes our life a lot easier by integrating fairly seamlessly into our BigCommerce platform.
  • ShippingEasy makes it very easy to set up shipping rules for various scenarios so that shipping is fairly automated. It really is a click and ship type set up.
  • ShippingEasy integrates into our BigCommerce platform very well. We very rarely have any issues with ShippingEasy syncing orders and shipping status to BigCommerce and vise versa.
  • ShippingEasy's marketing service is very easy to use. It makes email campaign design extremely easy and aesthetically pleasing and it also makes automated emails very easy to set up as well.
  • ShippingEasy does have room for improvement in scenarios where we have to ship customer's partial shipments. The options are there but they do not work well. Usually, it triggers BigCommerce to read it like it has been fully shipped so when we go to ship the remainder of the order we have to manually enter the shipment into ShippingEasy because BigCommerce and ShippingEasy think that order has already been shipped in full.
  • Uploading .csv files for email contacts could be a little more user-friendly. For example, if your headers in your .csv file do not match perfectly then the file will not upload. Which makes sense. But the problem is that it does not tell you why the file will not upload or that there was an error, it simply does not upload. So you really have to play a guessing game and trial and error to get the file into the correct format to upload the contacts.
  • I kind of would like to see an option to delete bounced emails from campaigns out of my contact list since obviously they are not valid contacts. The option may be there but I have not been able to find it.
  • ShippingEasy has really had a positive impact overall on our business. It is very simple to use and the flexibility of the shipping rules has more or less automated shipping. So for a small organization like ourselves, it allows us to reduce overhead by not having to have multiple employees to ship.
  • It also has helped reduce overhead significantly by switching our email marketing from Constant Contact. It is about a 10th of the price and has more functionality. So that was definitely a no-brainer
  • All in all, ShippingEasy helps us reduce overhead the most in labor. It is extremely easy to use so a lot less of our time is devoted to shipping concerns such as manually entering shipments like before and making sure shipment information is transferred over to BigCommerce, or doing return labels. Everything integrates so well it is essentially automated.
We used to use the Quickbooks shipping option to ship all of our orders. This was clunky and time-consuming. Especially since Quickbooks is not exactly known for being lightning fast. We would also then have to manually transfer over shipment data into BigCommerce which was slow as well. But with ShippingEasy everything is practically automated so now we can have one person ship orders using one solution and it integrates into our entire system making everything a million times easier.
ShippingEasy is perfect for our shipping needs. It allows for a smaller organization to ship a much larger volume more easily especially with the flexibility of the shipping rules. The email marketing campaign and marketing tools really help out a lot as well. They have more functionality and are a fraction of the cost of Constant Contact. So for an online retail platform like us, it really is an invaluable tool.