Simply the best PDF software on the market.
February 01, 2019

Simply the best PDF software on the market.

Manuel Aguilar | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Smallpdf

Smallpdf is being used across the whole organization, it is our go-to pdf reading software since it is extremely fast and runs smoothly. We also use it for pdf editing, especially for cropping and mixing complete files (a function mostly used by our HR department when working with our staff files and organizing resumes). We also use it to convert to and from pdf to other formats such as Excel or Word documents.
  • One of the best things that Smallpdf does is pdf conversion both to and from pdf. It is especially great to transform pdf tables into Excel documents.
  • PDF splitting is really great since allows for cropping large files and just keep the information necessary; something that comes really handy when presenting information to your supervisors.
  • PDF merging also works wonders, it allows for mixing several different pdf documents into just one of them. It is extremely easy to set up.
  • This a really fast pdf reader, it feels really fast compared to other options that tend to feel clunky. Its workspace is super comfortable and well organized so finding a tool you need is always a simple task.
  • I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this software, I think it works amazingly as it is, and has proven to be a great asset for our team.
  • Smallpdf has had a great impact on our business since we moved to this software from Adobe which is more expensive, so we managed to save a lot of money for using it.
  • Since Smallpdf comes with a vast array of tools we have saved money by discarding other software we used for conversion and for pdf editing.
  • Smallpdf has allowed us to submit pdf documents to our clients. The tools it provides allow for us to provide the best experience available to our customers.
When comparing Smallpdf to Adobe Acrobat the first thing that comes to mind immediately is how much cheaper Smallpdf is compared to Adobe. The difference has been huge for our company and has allowed us to save money while keeping the same quality level for the products provided to our customers. Smallpdf feels faster, runs smoother than Adobe, and comes with all of the tools we usually require in our company.
Smallpdf has never slowed down my computer, even when I'm running it combined with demanding software such as AutoCAD or Petrel (a common issue I had with Adobe). The pages load incredibly fast so it truly feels like you are reading on paper and the tools the software provides are top notch. I have never used a better pdf software.
I give this rating to Smallpdf because it comes with a large array of tools and gadgets. It allows not only pdf reading but also mixing, splitting, conversion to and from pdf, pdf compression or protecting. It is really complete and it works excellent compared to other much more expensive alternatives in the market.
Smallpdf is an extremely easy software to learn, as I have mentioned before the user interface is extremely comfortable for first-time users. It integrates well with every Google application I have used and also with every Microsoft software available. As I have mentioned it can convert all pdfs to Word or Excel documents with ease.
I can't find any scenario where Smallpdf is not suited compared to other types of pdf software. It is hands down the best pdf software I have ever used. As I have mentioned this software shines for pdf reading since it works smoothly and it doesn't feel clunky as its competitors. It also works great for pdf conversion and mixing and splitting documents.