Easiest way to take control without saying, "MOVE!"
February 07, 2014

Easiest way to take control without saying, "MOVE!"

Matthew Needham | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Version 8 Corporate

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  • Remote Support

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IT currently uses TeamViewer for supporting our remote internal staff for troubleshooting or instructional purposes. It gives us the ability to quickly start a remote control session with the end user to better understand their issues and resolve them expediently without having to blindly walk them through fixing it themselves step by step over the phone. We had used other programs in the past, but they always required hand holding on getting the software either installed if they didn't have it or talking them through connecting to a VPN and finding their IPs to be able to connect to them.
  • Teamviewer has an awesome feature of saving previous connections with or without passwords, so they can always be quickly accessed from a personalized list via the full client.
  • The end user side can use a quickly downloadable non-install version of the client so you can remote control their machines without worrying about having to tell them how to install/configure the product.
  • Session logs are stored with the date and amount of time the connection was established for auditing purposes. It also gives you the option on ending the session to leave a note as to the purpose of the connection so it can be audited later.
  • The built-in file transfer software seems to be occasionally buggy or just too slow to be effective. This may be improved in version 9, but we haven't upgraded yet.
  • Last I checked there was no centralized and easy way to do a mass deployment to a lot of computers.
  • While this isn't teamviewer's main purpose, a nice feature to be added to the product would being able to create an inventory list
  • Teamviewer has let the IT department resolve problems for our remote users quicker and easier than in the past. We no longer need to consider if it will be quicker to talk the end user step by step how to fix their problem than to get them to perform all of the steps required to take over their computer.
  • I am able to access certain computers behind firewalls quickly without having to open a VPN tunnel or ports on a firewall.
  • Our end users prefer this product because all they need to do is tell us their ID/Pass and we can be connected in a few seconds.
I chose TeamViewer because it was the quickest and easiest to get going on the client side, especially when they don't already have the product. The pricing model is much better than LogMeIn to top it off. LogMeIn was the only other real choice, but because it required installation of the software on the client side it wasn't feasible in some settings, especially if you needed to remote into a production server temporarily.
If it were my decision then I would definitely upgrade to the newer version. The chance of AD integration would be an added bonus to an already great product. The issue that I run into, which is also a plus, is the licensing model for TeamViewer. There isn't a monthly subscription like some of the other programs. You can keep using the version you bought indefinitely, so when a new version comes out you really have to make an overly compelling case that this next version is REQUIRED in order for you to continue using the product. Otherwise your boss tells you to wait for the next version, then we'll see about upgrading.
The scenario that Teamviewer is best suited for is being able to get end users, especially security concerned ones, to use a client that doesn't require an install. Almost all the other vendors I have evaluated require the end user to install something in order for you to be able to connect to them. That isn't always an option if the person doesn't have administrator rights to their own machine. I personally haven't had any need to contact the vendor directly in over 3 years, but support is a little slow to respond. This may have changed, but while you are waiting, they do provide very good documentation if you are willing to teach yourself the product.