Meets my needs for a price I like.
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August 18, 2017

Meets my needs for a price I like.

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Overall Satisfaction with TestComplete

The Software QA Team is the only team in our organization that actually writes scripts with TestComplete, however we are involved with work in many different functional areas of the business outside of testing.

We have utilized TestComplete and TestExecute for user uploads, profile setup, test case creation, regression testing after a build, replacing repetitive manual tasks, environment validation, and many other areas. In many ways, we use it to address pain points of our business users for tasks that either have an unusually large manual component or are taking up too much time to execute. Utilizing TestExecute with a backend SQL feed to manage test cases has made the process of testing many applications relatively pain-free!
  • TestComplete has a good variety of low-level functions that give us the flexibility to create our own functions that really meet our needs. We have built up a significant 'common' script library that includes functions for interacting with fields, checking data, and even a re-written object search that has made working with new environments easy!
  • With floating user licenses, we are able to be really flexible in our development environments. We can easily switch servers and run scripts from different locations to test network timings and environment setup with relative ease.
  • Using a backend of SQL (rather than Excel documents) to handle test cases, we are easily able to scale our tests. We can have any number of TestExecute licenses running the same project and the SQL will provide each script with the data it needs to run the specified job.
  • Having never used anything like TestComplete before joining my company, it wasn't exactly the easiest application to pick up. The code examples online (particularly the SQL ones) were a little difficult to get the hang of. I was greatly helped by having a guy on my team who had worked with TestComplete for a few years, but the onboarding was a little rough.
  • We've run into various errors over the years involving memory leaks (which required a hotfix patch) and even scripts written in TestComplete not running in TestExecute. While these have always been addressed by patches (or new major versions in the case of the TestExecute issues), it has occasionally required some clever work-around in order to get it to do what we need.
  • We have encountered many issues running TestComplete in an RDP session to a virtual machine. The RDP window needs to be open at all times and cannot be minimized. This may be a technological limitation, but it would be really convenient if we could run 'headless' scripts as scheduled tasks.
  • We have saved literally tens of thousands of man hours in the past few years with user and environment setups as well as with testing various applications due to the ease of scaling TestComplete scripts with TestExecute licenses.
  • The ease of integration with our SQL backend has meant that test case management with TestComplete has become fairly easy. With an intelligently designed db, we have been able to quickly upload, update, and verify thousands of our test cases, something that was a nightmare when we were working with Excel.
  • More than just an automation tool, TestComplete has proved helpful in many business areas as well. We provide support for many teams across the organization with both analysis and lifting the manual load.
Yes. We purchased TestComplete to test our various web-based applications and to perform environment setup. It has branched out from that into almost its own development silo, performing many time-critical and time-consuming tasks for our business partners as well as our own team. It has allowed us to quickly on-board new applications and reach a level of comfort with their reliability.
We've found the flexibility of TestComplete to work in multiple environments and with multiple web and desktop applications particularly helpful when we address needs for business teams. We've yet to find an application that we can't interact with, given a bit of creative scripting. It's really convienent to not need to switch applications when we are working with a new system.
Most of the applications we test with automation are developed by other companies. We've found TestComplete has helped us to hold them accountable to provide applications that meet our requirements and government regulations with reliability, performance, and functionality. We are able to run scripts 24-7 that time various business functions to point out issues with the infrastructure supporting our applications, we've been able to provide detailed test reports using the TestComplete logs, and we've even been able to manage our test cases in a SQL database via uploads and updates from TestComplete.
The more we use TestComplete, the easier it gets to work with. SmartBear has made it easy to interact with user-built script libraries that we can re-use across projects which has saved massive amounts of time in coding. It interacts pretty easily with SQL Server where we house and manage all our test cases. We use the TestExecute application to run the scripts we develop on TestComplete in many environments for many different kinds of testing and performing manually repetitive tasks. It has enabled us to simplify environment setup whenever we set up new environments, automate user creations, spread testing to multiple PCs, and has saved literally tens of thousands of man hours in various testing and business functions.

Most of the issues we have run into (changing object references as applications develop and unreliable websites) have been solved with custom object identification and error handling functions.