TestComplete, medically approved* to relieve tedium. (*i'm not a Doctor so this may not be accurate)
Peter Anderson BEng MCSA | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 11, 2017

TestComplete, medically approved* to relieve tedium. (*i'm not a Doctor so this may not be accurate)

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Overall Satisfaction with TestComplete

We use TestComplete to test our in-house developed software. Our products bolt onto AutoCAD so we use TestComplete to interact not only with our software, but with AutoCAD too.

Using TestComplete has really made a difference on the efficiency of the product test cycle. Previously a manual process involving hundreds of repetitive tasks, now, i simply load the test suite within TestComplete, press 'go' and it does the boring tests for me while i can do the more interesting exploratory testing manually.

TestComplete has even helped us isolate bugs in our software that we didn't even know existed, due to the nature of how it interacts with our software.
  • Intuitive - whether writing scripts, or keyword tests, the TestComplete object discovery and mapping engine really helps keep things accessible to the 'driver', for example, i use the object browser to find elements and inspect their members, once mapped, referencing them in scripts and keyword tests is simple.
  • Powerful - day to day, the problems I've had to solve to create tests were aided by TestComplete not hindered. Even if a scripting module is not present by default, it can easily be added/referenced
  • Support network - I've had reason to ask the Smartbear support team for help a few times, and while their answers don't come immediately, they have been absolutely bang on the money with the answers given. In addition to this, the forums answer almost any 'mainstream' question you may have, they are usually my start point if I'm stuck.
  • Repeat ability - the ability to repeat processes as many times as you like is a godsend that keeps tedium and human error to one side.
  • The scripting languages offered while solid, are less than convenient for me. I would love to be able to script tests in C# as i have a room full of C# experts here to assist if required
  • Pressing F5 doesn't run the 'current' test, but the ENTIRE test suite, as my brain is tuned to Microsoft's F5 to 'go' this is a constant user error of mine
  • We have seen a much more efficient product release cycle since using TestComplete. )Mainly down to the fact that a new build can be issued and tested very quickly. In turn, this means problems can be found a lot quicker, and the process repeats.)
Yes. Testing was becoming a problem area where there was simply too much to be done properly manually. Since getting TestComplete working, we have found that testing isn't as scary a prospect as BTC! (before TestComplete) From a personal perspective, i now don't have to do 1000's of repetitive clicks to find the developers have rebuilt the software and i need to start all over again - bliss.
We only use the desktop application test module as we only develop desktop applications. I'm using the Object Browser all of the time to look behind the curtain of a desktop application that i'm testing and building the test based on that information.
TestComplete has brought testing from an ugly 'someone has to do it' (me!) corner, to a more mainstream part of the development cycle. We are working toward nightly builds and continuous testing.
  • TestRail
I don't think it would be fair to directly compare TestRail to TestComplete as they are different animals. My preference would always be TestComplete down to the automation engine.
Our software has about 1000 symbols that can be inserted into AutoCAD. This job is manual and tedious. Using TestComplete, i have scripted this so that it places each symbol on the page, and moves along like a typewriter. When it hits the edge of the page, it drops a line, when it gets to the bottom of the page, it moves to a new area of modelspace and repeats the process until all symbols are inserted. This is a job that is very important to ensure all of our symbols place successfully AND correctly,

I have also scripted an entire run through our Ribbon menus in most of our products, doing the most basic execution tests - i.e. does the command work in isolation. This is another tedious and long test that is now quick and easy using TestComplete