It takes a solid Salesforce Developer to Totango
March 22, 2020

It takes a solid Salesforce Developer to Totango

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Totango is primarily being used by the Customer Success and Relationship Management teams. There are a few people outside of those team in higher-level management that use Totango more for reporting/creating segments. In my case on the success team, we were using it to keep track of our clients. We wanted to use it to track what features of Buildout they are utilizing, who is logging in, and so on. We were experimenting quite a bit building healthy profiles for our clients, but it's still a work in progress.
  • Tasks
  • UI
  • How feature requests are presented and then voted on by other users
  • Email campaigns are easy to send out
  • Creating segments per teams/users is nice but then you have to create a whole new segment when sending out email campaigns. It's double the work.
  • Creating reports is nice for like 3 things, but if you want to create reports, in general, it's just not going to show our team what we're looking for. These could use some work for sure.
  • The help center was never that helpful for questions I had about segments and such. That being said, maybe our use case was different.
Our Customer Success Team used Totango to keep track of everything our clients did. It was very helpful to track active clients, and more importantly, the clients that were not using our system at all. It was also nice to keep track of how our team was doing overall in Totango. Being on a success team where the work itself can be vague, it's nice to see what other teammates are doing and what they find successful and Totango really helped us with that.
  • I wouldn't say that Totango really led to better customer retention. When clients wanted to cancel, it was something that could not be predicted in Totango. It could have been a decline in business so they wanted to cancel, or a feature wasn't working the way they wanted, or maybe a support experience. The Zendesk integration could most definitely be improved for this reason.
  • I was fairly new to my team so my role did not deal too much with how Totango was implemented for our team.
  • It was really hard to build health profiles for clients for our organization specifically and therefore plan out the actual success of our team. It led to some not so fun 'reorganization' but there were many other factors outside of Totango.
As I was a newer member of the team, I did not have much say in how things were implemented in Totango. I never felt that security was an issue. Everything was very straightforward, we had a few Totango admins and the rest of us had the same permissions. I never felt like I couldn't have access to something if I needed it and I didn't think that clients would see the type of work we were doing so it's a good setup.
Our Success Team was working on a couple of initiatives to get X amount of customers to use Z features. As we were building on these initiatives it was easy to see how our progress was doing in real-time. Our team was in a weird position compared to the rest of our company because our goals and objectives were less clear than say the Support Team or the Product Team. We had our book of business and we needed to keep those clients happy. If people canceled, it was hard to predict about 90% of those cases. The easy-to-see goals didn't have the same impact as a bigger client canceling out of the blue. Not Totango's fault, but it led to some uncomfortable situations.
I have not used other programs like Totango before.

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Totango was helpful in my daily work as I would have tasks to accomplish and then I would knock them out one by one. It was a lot of work upfront to get to this point, however. I'm not sure what would need to happen to make the task generation easier when you're getting started with the work, but that was a big hurdle for me. We rolled out a new product at our company and it caused SO MANY issues in Totango. This is partly because we have a Salesforce integration to handle on our end, however, the way that the accounts and products worked was very hard to navigate and it would have been super helpful to have more insight into how building on products and such when we implemented Totango in the first place so we could have planned for this better.

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