TrustRadius - save time during vendor evaluation
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April 30, 2018

TrustRadius - save time during vendor evaluation

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Overall Satisfaction with TrustRadius for Buyers

I was researching web analytics tools for my company, so I used TrustRadius to evaluate different vendors. It was my job to put together the pros and cons of each vendor and make a recommendation to the Director of Marketing. Even though the Director made the ultimate decision, the data that I put together using TrustRadius was essential for the decision-making process.
  • To understand my options (i.e. build my short list or long list)
  • To compare products
  • To determine what to ask a vendor
  • To see what other users think of the product I am currently using
I tried to be unbiased in my recommendation, so I did not look for evidence to support any particular preference. Instead, I wrote down the objectives that were important to my company, then scored each of the vendors against those objectives.

I used the TrustRadius listings of web analytics vendors to put together a list of the top vendors that I would research. Then I used the reviews to find the pros and cons of each vendor, with respect to the objectives that mattered to my company.
It is important that there are sufficient numbers of reviews, then I will look for common themes across reviews. If a lot of people are saying the same thing across all reviews, then I am more likely to believe it. I also find the summarized statistics scores (likelihood to recommend/renew, usability, etc.) to be very useful. I don't want to be swayed by a single user's review, so I like to look at the aggregated reviews across many reviewers.
Having reviews is extremely valuable. I want to hear from the actual users of the products, not just the sales team of the vendor that I am researching. It is helpful to hear the cons of a particular product, and the direct comparison with other vendors. Having access to reviews makes it easier for me to differentiate products and make a faster decision on which vendor to recommend for my company.
  • I like the direct comparisons of different vendors for a particular technology.
  • I like the aggregated summary statistics for each vendor's product.
  • I like that TrustRadius has large sample sizes of reviewers.
  • It took me a while to understand how to use the site, and it would have been helpful to see some kind of instructions on how people use their site (via video, etc.)
  • I had some trouble initially figuring out what category I was researching. Ultimately, I just searched for one of the vendors I had in mind, and I was able to find the right category. It would be great if TrustRadius could make that initial step easier.
  • There were not many reviews on some of the lesser known/new vendors (ex: Klipfolio). It would be great if TrustRadius could collect more reviews on some of the newer/smaller vendors as they are emerging.
We spoke with the sales teams of the vendors we were most interested in, as well as looked at the vendor's sites. Often the vendors had some white papers and webinars that provided more information. However, it was a lot more time-consuming to go through these resources, and using TrustRadius was very valuable in saving us time by highlighting the pros/cons of each vendor.

I used the vendors' resources to ensure that I was seeing the most up-to-date product offerings, which were not always reflected in the TrustRadius reviews.
I trust the reviewers at TrustRadius more than I trust many of "review" websites online. I have worked at a company where we paid other review websites to rank us highly on their review site, so I am aware of the bias that I see when I go to those sites.
Yes, the reviews highlighted pros and cons that were important to us. These helped inform my questions for each vendor, and in some cases the vendor was able to address how they were addressing the cons moving forward. We were able to have more efficient calls with the vendors because we were already familiar with their product's offerings.
I think TrustRadius is a very useful site for researching and comparing vendors. They have collected many reviews across a wide range of categories and vendors. Their product has been very valuable to me and my team as we have been investigating vendors.

I would recommend that other buyers use TrustRadius as a step in their purchasing decision. Use it to collect information about vendors, then follow up those decisions with calls with the top vendors' sales teams.