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TrustRadius for Vendors Review: "TrustRadius is a great partner, ensuring we get great results" for VendorsUnspecified9.2109101
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August 07, 2017

TrustRadius for Vendors Review: "TrustRadius is a great partner, ensuring we get great results"

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Overall Satisfaction with TrustRadius for Vendors

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It is sometimes difficult to get companies to provide endorsements and feedback directly. TrustRadius, as an independent vendor, is great at getting customers to provide their honest and thorough feedback about our products and services. The information captured through TrustRadius reviews is very helpful for our prospective customers as well as for our marketing, product and services teams.
  • TrustRadius does the heavy lifting to gather the reviews - they take our lists, scrub them, and manage the campaign to reach out for the reviews. We just watch for the reviews to come in!
  • TrustRadius is diligent to ensure we get the most value from our partnership. They hold regular meetings with me and also with our team (including our CMO) and offer assistance to keep us on track and to ensure we're meeting our goals.
  • We've really been able to grow our library of customer quotes, identify new customer references, and gather competitive information through our reviews and they've been a great help to our marketing efforts.
  • The hardest part of working with TrustRadius is just not being able to keep up with them! They're always ready and anxious to move forward. It's taken a while for our teams to catch the vision and get on board, but now that we are, we're appreciating the results and are better able to justify the investment.
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Manage brand reputation
  • Scale customer proof through reviews
  • Third-party validation of marketing claims
  • Identify candidates for case studies & advocacy
  • Reduce or supplement reference requests
  • Increase landing page conversion
  • Create sales enablement content
  • Improve sales efficiency
  • Gather product insights
  • Identify & address customer issues
We're still new to including reviews on our web pages, so we'll have to update our landing page conversion rates. But we've been able to grow our library of quotes a ton and we're identifying new advocates all the time!
We're working with Trust Pilot to bolster our google presence, but TrustRadius is much more of a full-service offering. It's much more of a partnership where we work together and TrustRadius is very committed to ensuring we are successful.
The quality of our reviews is very good. There are standard questions which makes the process very easy. We also have the ability to create and customize questions. TrustRadius provides great feedback on the types of questions we should be asking and is very responsive to making adjustments when our needs change.
TrustRadius has been very beneficial to help me increase our pool of customer advocates. In order for us to keep up with our rising demands for references, quotes, feedback, etc, and also be respectful of our customers' time and ability to participate in advocacy activities, we need to keep growing our base of advocates. Having a steady stream of reviews coming in has really helped with that. Having a large number of customer quotes to work with, especially quotes that compare us to our competitors has been especially helpful. I'm able to provide good information to our sales teams that they can share with prospective customers, often avoiding the need to reach out to our base of customer advocates for their assistance.
We work with very large and well-recognized brands who are not always able to participate in public customer advocacy activities. TrustRadius reviews are a great way to get our customers to provide honest feedback because TrustRadius is an independent vendor. I think customers are more receptive to rewards and incentives from an independent vendor rather than from us directly. If we were to offer rewards and incentives, they might feel more pressured to give only positive feedback and then may be less likely to provide a review at all.