Professional Backup and Restore Product - Easy to Use and Deploy
Updated March 25, 2022

Professional Backup and Restore Product - Easy to Use and Deploy

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Overall Satisfaction with Veeam Backup for AWS

Currently utilized for the full backup of our virtual server as well as file-level backup for restoration. Currently, use it to also provide us reporting of successful backups and emails to notify us of any failures. It is a great tool to have to ensure our Cloud Servers in AWS cannot be recovered from Snapshots.
  • Backup and Restore
  • File Backup
  • Compliane Reporting
  • Easier way to access Veeam File Restores
  • Easier way of linking veeam backups to online accounts
  • Saves Data Recovery Costs
  • Peace of Mind for Customers
Really good automated tools which allow us to streamline backup and failovers seamlessly. Provides us ease for transferring resources to another site without impacting our business of operations.
Currently, the full backup is the only method we trust that works well. We have had some issues with the granular recoveries as well as the incremental backups as they do not restore properly and we have had to stitch them together to recover data. Overall though however, we are happy with the product for recoveries for on-premises and cloud.
We were looking at alternatives to Veeam due to the costs and the data it allows us to back up. We feel Veeam has better features and support however in regards to limitations for bandwidth and cost are the only downsides of their product. Overall Veeam appears to be a leader in the backup and recovery industry.

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TeamViewer, OneDrive, Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis True Image)
Server Instances where you need to ensure data integrity is a must and the AWS Platform can not provide you any suitable option for full backups such as restoration of databases and other virtual instances or applications. A good way to also provide visibility and to be able to track all your backup status for your multiple servers if you are managing for a customer.

Using Veeam Backup for AWS

5 - Currently have about 5 administrators who use Veeam Backup. We currently use them for local PCs as well as Windows Servers.
We use them to currently as a secondary backup for bare bone data restore to ensure we have a copy of data for all of our systems. This is a full image restore.
5 - Currently, we have 2 people who are Veeam Certified with a helpdesk team that is currently employed to take care of the checks for the backup systems. We currently have it automated with email to send out us notifications when a backup fails or completes successfully. If a device fails our team manually goes into each device to look at the logs to see why.
  • Data Backup
  • File Backup
  • Full Image Restore Backup
  • Currently backup application services that have failed when updating
  • Data loss backup when a user has made a change
  • Performance Issues
  • Unsure at the moment, possibly backup of databases
Gave this rating as the product is an excellent tool to backup AWS for peace of mind and to diversify risk for our business.
We also believe the product does what it does and is worth the value that we pay to have the backup installed for AWS as we have instances that have failed and Veeam was there to help us restore.

Evaluating Veeam Backup for AWS and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
We looked at all aspects of the backup business, support, restore function, capabilities and we chose Veeam due to the familarity with the product based on training as well as the cases it is used with Microsoft Servers. Hence we chose this due to these primary features that Veeam offers.
We might compare it to other products this time around, when we choose Veeam it was only the real choice we Proof of Concepted on and because it worked we never really bothered trying any other products. We may look at it to compare with Datto as well as Backbox.

Veeam Backup for AWS Implementation

We were pretty happy with our implementation as it was simple to deploy and we followed the technical guide online with out much technical assistance from vendor support. We had also tested and streamlined a process based on our own documentation for our own company which was simple to follow overall for deploying into AWS for future instances.
Change management was minimal - We had change management minimal as we did it during weekends and afterhours which did not impact our production environment. In addition, as we had a proof of concept we first tested deployment on a low usage server which help faciliate our process of implementation via a project easier and without much complication.
  • Deciding which Data to completely backup and addressing storage issues

Veeam Backup for AWS Training

The online training courses that we took were straight forward and simple. We went all the way to even get certified and hence was well worthwhile as our staff our inhouse. As we use it daily to check backups for some of our customers we plan on continuously to keep training and upskilling ourselves.

Configuring Veeam Backup for AWS

The Veeam Backup has several features for backups and the one we used most was the frequency of backups. We tend to use daily backups on a daily schedule rather a weekly and very seldomly use the incremental backups as we find we have had issues in the past with this. Hence, the full backup solutions is what we have configured.
Yes, if you want peace of mind, best to configure full backups to daily with incremental backups to hourly or at least during business hours. We have had issues before for restoring data with incrementals and highly recommend if you dont do it evey day or in it to apply for premium support.
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code
No, unfortunately we use standard out of the box features and did not look any thing else as that is all we required for our AWS instances at this stage. However, if we do have any complex problems or solutions we would most likely engaged vendor support to assist at looking at developing custom code to address certain problems.

Veeam Backup for AWS Support

We believe the overall support is decent for Veeam. We had not really lodged any tickets however when we did they responded via email promptly and did give us adequate solutions on how to rectify the issue. However, the response is a bit delayed but within the agreed SLA we have purchased.
No, we did not purchase premium support as we dont often have many issues with Veeam and a few of our team members are Veeam Certified already. We also use the product daily and hence find that the premium only is required when having major issues with certain platforms that require restoration or complications such as bugs or other issues.
Unfortunately, at this time cannot provide any feedback of any exceptional support for the Veeam Backup. However, what I can say is that when we have used the product we have always gotten a response with a solution to resolve the problem and we have gone end to end to ensure the case is closed properly.

Using Veeam Backup for AWS

The usability of this software is pretty solid as Veeam Backup as we have always managed to always restore the data we require. We generally havent had many failures when we have it scheduled for automated backups and have had to restore several times with ease. We havent encountered many issues but we havent used the full features of Veeam Backup yet.
Easy to use
Quick to learn
  • Backup and Restore
  • Automated Backup
  • Email Notifications and Alerts
  • Restore Process

Veeam Backup for AWS Reliability

We have found that Veeam Backup on AWS is very reliable as we have had it running for about a year and only have had it failed daily a few times and that was due to outages or servers that was part of our maintainance. We also like how the testing and verification of our backups is an excellent feature to confirm we can restore to the previous backup.
We have not really noticed much difference and only notice it when doing work afterhours with our veeam being backed up. However, this is not the case as we do not do this often and hence we don't really have any real challenges for performance issues. Overall, we find that the performance is pretty good.

Relationship with Veeam Software

The sales process was pretty straight forward and we had a consultant contact us from Veeam via email and followed up over a phone call during inquiries. We thought it was straight forward to purchase the licenses we require which was then emailed to us. We also found the people we were dealing were quite acknowledgeable.
So far so good. We don't really engaged the vendor for much except for technical support these days which we lodge on the online portal or via email. Overall, we find that we don't really need much assistance and we will reach out to Veeam Sales if we do need any future products.
We manage to just apply for the standard 3 year license for our veeam backup. We didn't really negotiate much as when we got the offer it was already part of a promotion. Overall, it was what we expected the pricing to be for Veeam Backup for AWS and didn't have much to compare it with.
Overall, we pretty happy with the way it is contracted and the pricing structure. However, as stated we got it on promotion so we wont know until what it is after the 3 years but at this stage we are pretty happy with the product and the pricing from the commercial aspect.
More promotions, half the reason why we even looked at Veeam Backup for AWS was due to the promotions as well as the free training certification we were given to be able to upskill our employees to support the product. In addition, we got free tech gear as well to just add more incentives.

Upgrading Veeam Backup for AWS