WalkMe, a memorable name because of what it does.
Updated April 01, 2016

WalkMe, a memorable name because of what it does.

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Overall Satisfaction with WalkMe

We are using WalkMe for two main tasks, on-boarding new customers and providing self help. For on-boarding we take advantage of WalkMe's builtin on-boarding feature in combination with a custom built splash page and combine that with goals to track effectiveness of the walk-thrus.

Inline help is provided using the WalkMe launchers. Launchers allow us to place an icon, image, or text next to an element on a page to provide contextual help or launch a guided walk-thru on how to complete a process.

WalkMe is managed by a single department here, however it is seen and used by our entire organization, because we use it throughout the customer's life with us.
  • Walk-thrus: It's their bread and butter and where they excel. I can take someone that is familiar with our product and using WalkMe they can quickly build engaging walk-thrus that walk a user from the beginning to the end of a process. Using the logic engine built into WalkMe they can build rules for error messages, wrong turns, abandoned pages, or even steps that require them to wait while they leave our system and come back a day later.
  • Launchers: Another one of their staples, but a great tool. We can tie these launchers to an element on a page and quickly add help to a page. We have also used this to overcome design flaws. We added a button to a page and it is used more than the hardcoded link to the same page.
  • Goals: Goals can be added to each walk-thru and allow us to track the effectiveness of our walk-thrus and the behavior of our users. Sometimes a walk-thru will expose unexpected behaviors of our users. Goals will also continue to track after a user closes the walk-thru. So we will still know the outcome of a walk-thru even if the users feels that they can continue without the walk-thru.
  • Firefox plugin: The only time I use Firefox is when building a walk-thru. I would like to be able to use Chrome to build the walk-thrus.
  • Logic: Walk-thrus, Launchers, Shoutouts and walk-thru steps use different logic. I can't always fire something based on a click or URL when sometimes I would like to.
  • Design: You can use CSS to customize the look of your walk-thrus, but there isn't a way to remove the sidebar color of the walk-thrus.
  • 79% of our customers using a walk-thru agree that it has made it easy to handle their issue.
  • WalkMe has helped us lower costs associated with phone and ticket based support. Using WalkMe to promote self help over ticket creation has reduced our ticket contacts by 50%.
  • Many on our development team are leery of WalkMe. It is allowing someone outside of their department access to modify the user experience. However our leadership teams have been onboard with it.
The only other personalization/on-boarding tool we have tried is Evergage. We are actually running them at the same time, each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Evergage's ability to personalize the message and be more dynamic in their campaigns is far better than those of WalkMe. Evergage also allows for greater, and easier, customization from the messages or campaigns. That being said WalkMe has an extremely intuitive builder and allows for even very novice users to use it.
Because our product allows a lot of freedom and customization, help is often needed to get started. WalkMe gives my team a tool other than just a static knowledge base article to help a customer. Until we were using WalkMe we had knowledge articles and video tutorials. The video tutorials were more engaging but took more time to create. Now in the time it takes, or less, to create a knowledge base article we are able to create an interactive guided experience.

Using WalkMe

WalkMe has done a great job of making their tool easy to use. However because it is a Firefox plugin it causes me to need another browser and sacrifice the left 2 - 3 inches of my display, when working on a laptop this makes it a bit painful. Also when publishing you can organize your list of walk-thrus, the window size is small and limited to the constraints of the WalkMe tool.
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  • The step creation is super easy, just point and click. With the recent updates additional steps are automatically created as well, making it even easier and quicker to create a walk-thru.
  • Launchers can be quickly implemented with little effort. Just like the steps, you select the element, design the button and then publish it to the world.
  • The reporting in WalkMe is easy to use and read. They are also able to allow for exporting of custom raw dumps of data allowing for greater manipulation or segmentation later.
  • Logic: It's not that it's always complicated, but it sometimes feels limited.
  • Using the permalink we are able to send someone a link to a walk-thru, but there isn't an easy way to expose this permalink to all of our chat agents.