Good for Quickly Building a Website - Not Good for Trendy Visual Appeal
Updated April 26, 2016

Good for Quickly Building a Website - Not Good for Trendy Visual Appeal

Momoko Sudo | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Weebly

I used Weebly for my artist portfolio page. To make a long story short, I ended up in switching to Squarespace after reaching the limitation of what Weebly could not do. For an artist's showcase site, appearance is everything, Weebly didn't stick around in terms of the appearance. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't good either. Also, some bit of coding skill was required to alter simple matters, and I totally dreaded having to do it myself. I liked that customer service was available, and they were nice, but what I wanted required so much coding which they are not equipped to support. I did not want to pay extra $1000 or so just to make the website the way I wanted. If appearance is not important at all, then Weebly can make a website very quickly. But it does not become very pretty, like other platforms do.
  • When you don't like Weebly, they refund the money with no questions asked, as long as you cancel the paid account within the specified time range.
  • Figuring out how to build a website may be faster with Weebly than other platforms.
  • Customer service was prompt and very available.
  • Templates are not up to date to today's website trend. Not great looking.
  • It requires so much coding skills just to alter background colors and such.
  • There was something very wrong with footer layout. Footer area gets hidden no matter how the site is made. Footer should be visible at all times especially when there is not too much content on the page. It requires scrolling down just to see the footer. I find it very strange.
  • Templates needed so many things being fixed and it required me to go into the files and do the coding... I really hated it. Templates should be ready to use as is.
  • Site was not visually appealing to what I wanted.
I thought Weebly had better reviews after reading reviews on various sites.
If someone needs a website as soon as possible, Weebly is good. Also, if the site is text based in content, not like artist or apparel or something that requires visual appeal, then you can make a site very quickly and have a decent look. For example, if it is a professional service, such as an accounting service, attorneys, and such, which content consists of texts, and visual is only supplemental to the content itself, then Weebly is okay. Weebly is not suited if the site needs to look really cool.

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