Review: Wipster
May 21, 2018

Review: Wipster

Chris Hecox | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Wipster

We used Wipster as a tool to record client feedback on our corporate video production. Our video team specifically used it, and most feedback was directed with our project managers and the clients. Wipster allowed for easily communicating feedback in a way that made our production workflow faster and more simplified.
  • Wipster was one of the first applications to allow for frame-by-frame video feedback. This provided a unique opportunity to make feedback far more intelligible than before. Before Wipster, we needed to reference phone calls, notes, emails, and messages, as well as communicate verbally with our project managers. A lot of information can get lost this way, but Wipster places the feedback directly with the video, which makes it super easy to understand what the client desires for their video to look like.
  • Wipster allows for a client to select a location on a frame where their feedback is referencing. It's fairly archaic, but it works. Client feedback sits next to the playback window so it's somewhat easy to reference what the client wants.
  • Wipster also allows for integration with editing software like Premiere Pro, which speeds up the editing process as well.
  • Wipster pales in comparison to an application like in terms of relaying and defining feedback. Wipster only allowed for highlighting a specific frame, but other software allows clients to draw on frames, leave multiple easy to access comments on a frame, and leave innovative feedback.
  • Wipster has occasional playback issues. This is fine in internal settings, but when a client has problems reviewing a video, this is a huge problem.
  • Wipster has proven themselves untrustworthy as a company. Wipster implemented an image review structure into pre-existing plans, which was entirely useless to us. This makes sense for clients revising photography, but ultimately the image review structure began to change the pricing of the system as well. Long-term, Wipster ended up increasing the cost of their application (including worthless features at our expense) and a tier-structure of uploads which didn't really make much sense. Wipster implemented these changes with hardly any notice to their users and probably without seeking feedback from customers on how the changes would impact them.
  • Wipster's editing software integration is shoddy at best. It would constantly freeze and crash on our systems, or take 5-10 minute to boot up. We had this issue with multiple computers.
  • As before stated, Wipster took huge missteps in their pricing plans (and if I recall correctly, adjusted it after the announcement because of the feedback they received). If I was using Wipster as a small business owner at that point, I would have quickly looked at other options to accomplish the same goals.
  • Wipster was great for the "feedback loop" of client communication, but some of the issues with Wipster made this more difficult.
After my experience with Wipster at my old job, when I started a business I knew I needed to look into alternatives. Despite the areas it failed, Wipster still made it easier to do my job. At this point, I've switched to and it's hard to look elsewhere. does everything Wipster does but heaps better. It's easier to use, easier to organize, cleaner interface, and accomplishes my goals at a reasonable cost to the business.
Wipster is fine if you are interested in testing the waters of these handy frame-by-frame feedback applications, but there are far better alternatives. If you want to give it a quick go to test things out, it's not the worst idea, and perhaps they've implemented more changes to increase the usability and trust of the consumers.