Xactly Incent Is The Way To GO
July 12, 2021

Xactly Incent Is The Way To GO

Sugam Tiku | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Xactly Incent

Xactly Incent is used at Splunk across the Finance, Accounting, and Sales organizations. The entire organization uses Xactly for various reasons. Prior to Xactly implementation, we would calculate commissions in manual excel spreadsheets. Sales Reps did not have access to view their commissions' statements. Xactly helps to solve this problem by eradicating manual processes faced by both the Analyst and the Sales Rep. Xactly allows for automation of the entire commissions process from step A (capturing orders, codes, Professional Services, and won opportunities) to step Z (paying out commissions and viewing individual incentive statements). Because of Xactly, Splunk is able to develop strategic sales plans, track compensation plans, quarterly payout financials and various other reports.
  • Xactly Analytics reports are easy to use and help deep dive into sales numbers and financials for the company.
  • Xactly Administrators are able to easily set up the incent tool and allow for greater automation of the company's sales commissions process. Extremely user-friendly for admins.
  • Leading solutions for Splunk's business operations in order to use data to develop strategic sales plans for over 7,000 employees.
  • Xactly Incent helps to monitor and calculate monthly sales, process payments quickly and gives sales reps ability to view their incentive statements every week.
  • PPP (prior period processing) is pain staking and takes up a lot of time.
  • Currently, only the Sales Management and Executives are easily able to build reports and view team results. Sales Reps should also be given the ability to build advanced-level reports.
  • Driving positive sales behaviors.
  • Spending $100K a year on incentive compensation with each new employee who joins the company.
  • Xactly reduces costs of the business and helps increase revenue through the automation platform.
The analytics tools and data we collect every month help us to figure out better bonus models, better SPIFF incentives, and other lucrative ways to motivate the sales organization. We measure and track everything through elaborate reports and sales strategy plans. The way we have improved is to offer better incentives, change compensation plan components and redo Professional Services for a greater payout. We look at the sales organization and determine size, growth stage, sales competition, and decide how these factors influence our company. The improvement of the Splunk compensation package is a powerful way to bring their employee value proposition to life—i.e. as a way to drive a differentiated employee experience, and create a certain kind of work-company culture.
We use the Xactly platform to help figure out our annual sales quotas, territory assignments, and sales forecasting. Xactly Forecasting has allowed us to meet our goals, improve visibility and eliminate last-minute slip-ups. Potential deals, forecast calls, and open opportunities are great features to toggle through in Xactly Forecasting and pick up key data points. I have had a lot of experience working with this platform and have seen the confidence of the organization change drastically. With the right tools, we are able to operate at a whole another level!
At Splunk, we have integrated Salesforce and Workday to work along with Xactly Incent. Workday is our HR master tool through which we are able to easily retrieve up-to-date and accurate data. Salesforce is the #1 tool for CRM and has been using it for several years. Workday, Salesforce, and Xactly are the perfect combination of CRM productivity, HR data management, and finance/compensation tool. If the Finance, Sales, and Operations teams have to succeed together, they should use all of these for the perfect integration.
IT uses Xactly to help build cross-functional tools and databases, that can work together efficiently. UAT testing and test scripts are managed by the IT organization generally speaking. Finance uses it for analytics, forecasting, and financial modeling. HR uses it to determine terminations, new hires, and other relevant data points. Sales Operations uses it for quotas, sales strategy, planning, etc.
Callidus is another product that I have used previously. Callidus was not user-friendly for administrators at a company. Using Xactly Incent is the best in my experience so far. If Callidus was more user-friendly and offered greater features, it would be a great product. But if I were to compare, Xactly is far better for both administrators and sales reps in the company.
Xactly Incent is well suited when onboarding a new sales rep. Their information is easily saved and captured on day 1 of their hire date. This allows for important trend analysis and measuring the success of new sales reps hired over a period. Xactly Incent is a great tool for both admins and sales reps. Easy to use, friendly interface, 99% error-free processing. Xactly analytics helps provide any CFO of a company pertinent information. There are not any areas where Xactly is not well suited. Every company begins with manual procedures and eventually scales up to implement Xactly to better automate processes, calculations and important sales organization data.